Forget helmets for nightiriding. . .YOU NEED THIS!-
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    Forget helmets for nightiriding. . .YOU NEED THIS!

    Oh man, how sweet would that be? Stealth trail riding!

    Actually, I meant for the title of the post to be "Forget Headlights for nightriding." Oops. It's only a super-awesome website for a super-awesome store. Just click it. I dare you.

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    Yeah I see where you're going with that..! I dig.
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    Not very sweet. NVGs get rid of all depth perception and give you crazy tunnel vision. It takes alot of training to get used to NVGs

    The concept is cool though
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    Especially single-lens NVGs, but yeah, have fun bombing that singletrack when you don't know which tree you're going to hit first.

    Heh, when I saw the thread title, I assumed i was going to see some rally-spec headlights strapped to someone's helmet, with an automotive battery built into a camelbak.
    how cool would that be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SnowMongoose
    how cool would that be?
    Depends how much battery acid was dripping down your back

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    Maybe you've got to weave your head back and forth madly while wearing them, so you get depth perception through parallax
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    What about wearing TWO of them for depth perception? Or even THREE for 3D? I smell a patent coming on.

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    Im gonna get one for after the ride so I can hide in a dark location and spook others on the trails.
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    I'd still prefer having the light mounted to the handlebars, because the most important thing is to know where the bike is going. Still, you could always use both.

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    Somewhere in here (MTBR) is a thread about someone running two mono's for depth...

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    IIRC that thread eventually concluded with the general opinion that it still wasn’t a great solution. There’s no doubt it would be cool to play with, but there are just way to many negatives.


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    Having been in the military for...

    24 years and taken part in MANY night ops using both single and double lens NVGs. I can say without any reservation what so ever, it's a GREAT way to KILL YOURSELF on a bike! It totaly kills your depth perception and there is no way to enhance it, and they greatly restrict your field of vision. It takes ALLOT of training to get used to using them. That and even the newest generation of night vision devices still lack consdierable fine detail at distances much over a few feet. They are fun to use but a TREMENDOUS amount of caution must be used when they are employed for completeing dangerous tasks such as driving or even walking while wearing them. I wouldn't even atempt to ride a bike on rough terrain while wearing them. The risks just aren't worth it. Now if a rider was down and all lights were nonfuctional, then yeah. But then the risk would be worth it IMHO.

    Now there is a new design out which is a monocular style device. I fits over one eye, and leaves the other eye clear. These work okay as your brain still receives info from the uncovered eye and "overlays" what each eye sees, if it sees anything at all. It does help with depth perception some what. But your feild of vision is still restricted as the uncovered eye tends to tunnel out. And again it takes allot of practice to use the system.

    Anyway, it would be fun to mess around with them under controled conditions while riding. But not out on the trails! That's besides, ever try to wear one of those rigs under a helmet?!?! IT SUCKS!!!! They are heavy and quite uncomfortable.

    Me, I'll stick to my lighting system. Lighter, more efficient and MUCH safer for trail riding at night.

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    I always wear one on...

    Quote Originally Posted by Lumbee1
    What about wearing TWO of them for depth perception? Or even THREE for 3D? I smell a patent coming on. third eye.

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    Just ride in the day and you won't need any of that stuff. The trails are the same, day or night. :P

    I kid, I kid... Well, not really! :P

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    Ride by the light of the full moon?

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