I have a gravel bike (sorry) with XT M8000 mountain pedals, and Shimano XC5 shoes. I ride this bike on asphalt, dirt, pretty much everywhere.
My issue is that after about half an hour of riding my toes start to cramp a little bit. After about 1-2 hours this cramping turns into pain, mostly my big toe and the ball of my foot. Also, if i'm doing a longer offroad descend where i'm out of the saddle the whole time, I feel some pain and a lot of pressure on the underside of my whole foot.

I think I have wide-ish feet, mostly at the pinky toe area. I usually have pressure points here in most shoes. I feel like the XC5 shoes fit me okay. When I just stand in them there is some pressure on my pinky toe and the side of my foot, but nothing too bad. Length wise they're perfect. Walking in them is not the most comfortable thing but I guess that's because of the stiff sole.

When I rode flat pedals I didn't have any issues like this. I've had one other clipless shoe, a Mavic Aksium road shoe with road pedals but that shoe was too small all around so I had issues of course.

What could be my problem, the shoes being too narrow, or something else? I tried moving the cleat backwards and forwards, I tried multiple insoles, I tried playing with the lace tightness but nothing helped.

Could you guys recommend some MTB shoes that have a wide toe box? I don't want to go crazy with the price but I don't want the cheapest shoes either.
I've been looking at Five Ten shoes, they look bulky, but i'm not sure if they're actually wide or just overbuilt.