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    Flat pedal boot recommendation

    Looking for some sort of flat pedal boot or high top to get ankle support. Hurt an ankle really bad riding I do have a brace but it's uncomfortable riding I've searched the web buy figured someone would know of a boot with flat soles maybe that isn't five ten Shimano or so on in the mtb. Thanks!

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    Well it is 510 product but I have experience with it so I thought I would comment:
    Freerider EPS.

    I usually use these in winter. I like the EPS model overall because of the insulation layer makes the body tougher and stiffer. That may be good for ankle issues.

    I've been wearing my low Freerider EPS into the warmer months and do not notice any foot overheating issues. If its not blazing hot where you live you could probably wear this year round.

    Flat pedal boot recommendation-510freerider.jpg

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    Thanks I'm not opposed to those brands at all I want any and all open one just want good support. Thanks again

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    Stop riding until your ankle heals completely....
    Or risk permanent damage ,,,

    Be smart.
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    Proper rest and recovery first.

    Then a decent brace if you really want ankle support. You won't get anything close to the support from a decent brace in a pair of boots.
    But proper rest and recovery is the best option.

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    Absolutely wait for it to heal properly. Busted mine two years ago, well busted the leg and blew out the ankle. There are so many stabilizing ligaments in your ankle that you really need to give it some time. If you feel that your stability has been compromised then you should seek professional help on how to rebuild that stability. Look in the rider down forum.

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