FiveTen Shoe Sizing?

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  • 12-09-2013
    FiveTen Shoe Sizing?
    I just received a pair of the FiveTen Maltese Falcons in 9.5. They're a little too big. I can stuff my index finger behind my heel so I figure I have a 3/8-1/2" of space. Anyone know if a 9 will be about right or too small? Their website doesn't have a foot size to shoe size chart.

    Considering just ordering the size 9 from Amazon and returning the one that doesn't fit as well.

    Thanks :)
  • 12-09-2013
    My new low impacts are 9's are are true to size for me as all my shoes are 9's as well. Fit like a glove.
  • 12-15-2013
    If you call 510 they can be more then helpful. I called then when I ordered my shoes, they were the wrong size. They sent me another pair, the right size. Plus, they gave me return authorization number for the shipping. I only paid for shipping 1 time.
  • 12-17-2013
    before I bought my first pair of spitfires I had read that they corresponded to the Van sizing. I had a pair of Vans, size 8 (US) so ordered the 5-10 in 8 (US) they were a little to big, should have gone with 7.5
  • 12-17-2013
    bad andy
    I have found variances from shoe model to model

    Impacts and Freeriders fit me great in size 9. However Spitfires in size 9, were very loose - I had to get those in 8.5 for an equivalent fit.