Fitting Cleats onto new Shoes-
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    New question here. Fitting Cleats onto new Shoes

    Ok i've recently taken the plunge and invested in clipless shoes and pedals. The question I need to ask is;

    Whats the best way to posistion the cleats correctly on new shoes?

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    I'm new to this as well, but from my mtb maintenance book & instruction manuals, the goal is to set it up such that the pedal's axle is right underneath the ball of your feet.

    Here's what I did on mine. My shoes have a slide-able metal plate that has 2 sets of screw holes (only 1 set will be used for cleat installation).
    1. slide the metal plate in
    2. slide your foot into the shoes; make note of the ball of your feet and which set of screw holes can be adjusted to line up with the ball of your feet
    3. remove feet from shoe
    4. grease the threads of the cleat screws
    5. screw the cleat onto the shoes such that the cleat is firm but still adjustable
    6. wear the shoes again, adjust the cleats, then tighten the screws (5 Nm for mine)
    7. on my shoes, I have to stick a supplied-with-shoe sticker to cover up the mounting plate from the inside of the shoes

    Note on 2, the center of my cleat screws are in line with the pedal's axle on mine.

    Other things: Don't forget to match the front/back directions and left/right cleats.

    Hope this helps.

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    I put the cleats onto the shoes (not tight), fixed them to the loose pedals, put the shoes on, and stood on the whole thing (Maybe you should not stand on Eggbeaters?). Adjusted until it did not feel too weird. Marked the cleat position, removed shoe and cleat from the pedal. Tightened the screws, paying attention to the place I marked.

    Loose cleats are bad news. They might make it hard or impossible to unclip.

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    Good stuff!

    I think i have them pretty well lined up. here goes i guess

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