• 01-02-2013
    finally found a winter glove that works for me
    After too many years of experimenting with winter gloves and layers of gloves, etc. for cold winter riding, I finally found a glove that works. Have always had problems keeping my hands warm. At first, I was turned off by the price >$100. The glove is the Hestra Heli 3-Finger glove. I have used them on 4 rides so far. Latest ride started with an air temperature of 5 degree F, no wind. Temperature climbed up to ~12 degrees F by the end of the ride. I used a thin liner and my hands were warm the entire 55 minute ride. In the past I have always had to use hand warmers at this temperature regardless of the many different glove types I have tried. I give the free index finger a nod for braking and shifting.

  • 01-03-2013
    Those mitts.gloves look like a good find,

    For the last 2 years I've been wearing ski gloves (Spyder -brand) Good dexterity and very warm . My only issue is they are not long and just cover my wrists

    I'll check out this brand/style thanks for sharing
  • 01-03-2013
    I just wear my snowboarding gloves on those really cold rides. On the long climbs, I will take them off and have just my long finger Fox gloves on that I use as the liner.

    It does take a bit to get used to braking with thicker gloves on.
  • 01-03-2013
    Those mitts look plenty warm. I have never heard about Hestra before but looking at their line of hand-wear they have some pretty awesome looking stuff. I wonder how how well these electric gloves work and how much they cost? I'll have to look around for them.

    Power Heater Glove

    A further development of our popular ski glove with heating loops. Suitable for those whose hands get cold easily. The heating control can be set in three steps, depending on the weather and temperature. Tight fit for increased dexterity and feeling. Hard wearing goat leather palm.

    Outer material

    Upper section made of windproof, waterproof and breathable HESTRA Flextron/polyamide fabric. Proofed goatskin on the palm.




    Integrated heating loops. Heating control. Battery pocket. Lithium rechargeable batteries. Travel case. International travel adaptors. Pre-curved fingers. Waterproof zipper. Handcuffs.
  • 01-03-2013
    The Hestra heated gloves retail at $380 so they can be found for around $300 and up it looks like, or about $100 more than AME heated MTB grips. I think I'll stick to my Mammutt mittens for when it's really cold and my Pearl Izumi gloves and lobster gloves for when it's warmer but thanks for the review of the Hestra mittens. They're on my radar now if I lose the ones I have. :)
  • 01-04-2013
    bad andy
    steapandcheap has had the stoic welder trigger mitts up for about $50 on recent occasion. I can't comment on how well they work though. Stoic Welder Trigger Mitt | Backcountry.com
  • 01-08-2013

    Originally Posted by bad andy View Post
    steapandcheap has had the stoic welder trigger mitts up for about $50 on recent occasion. I can't comment on how well they work though. Stoic Welder Trigger Mitt | Backcountry.com

    Those Stoics look nice; wool in the liner could be a big plus. A little cheaper than the Hestras I bought. I paid $112 which included tax for my Hestras; they gave me a bit of a discount from $124.95. Hestras are available in a lot of sizes; try them on if you can. Luckily for me a local store sells them, so I was able to try several sizes on. I ended up going one size larger than their webpage sizing guide determined for me.

    Only cons on the Hestras is no snot wiper. I used a sock (cut a hole for my thumb and the toe end off and slid it on the glove); didn't 'want to wipe my nose on expensive gloves...

    Overall still very happy after 5 rides with them. Worth the cost.

  • 01-14-2013
    Those mitts.gloves look like a good find,
  • 01-15-2013
    I have Raynaud's Syndrome (cold triggered decrease in blood supply, fingers turn waxy white) so warm gloves are a must for me. For cold weather riding, I've been wearing the Pearl iZumi lobster claw gloves for a couple of years now and find them very warm.

  • 01-20-2013
    I don't see how you shift or brake with those things on!