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    New question here. Eyeglasses and full face helmets

    Good afternoon ---

    I recently purchased a 661 full face helmet.

    The majority of the time when I use my other brain buckets, I use a pair of eyeglass leashes so they don't fall off when/if I crash.

    However when putting on the full face helmet, I have to take my eyeglasses off and then slip them back on when I have the helmet on. Obviously this means I can't use the eyeglass leashes. And because of that I'm now worried that if I do crash, that my glasses will come flying off and break.

    I'm thinking of getting some clear goggles, but my luck with finding goggles that fit over my glasses well has been pretty sucky over the years.

    Any other ideas?


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    See if you can find a face shield that will fit your helmet.

    If you can not locate one that will snap on you may be able to mount a goggle strap to one.
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    ever think about Lasek surgery?????

    could you use contacts with googles over the top
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    What sort of riding do you do? As a eye glass wearing person I ask this, since when you're wearing a helmet it generally pushed on your ears and keeps the eye glasses very snug. Don't know what speeds you intend to crash at. I've crashed in a rally car wearing my eye glasses (didn't make a corner and ran head first into a telephone pole and cut it down) far as I remember my glasses stayed put.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LyNx
    What sort of riding do you do?
    The majority of the time I do XC riding. The only time I will be wearing the full face helmet is when I'm riding at ski resorts again.

    Don't know what speeds you intend to crash at.
    Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-40mph!

    I've lost my glasses a couple of times when rock climbing so I'm just a bit paranoid about losing my glasses zooming down a trail.

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    I've been wearing one of them "sports" glasses that don't tug behind the ears but are designed much like Oakley sunglasses. Oakley glasses are designed like their sunglasses, as well as some Nike glasses. I've had both. Both glasses are very snug around my head with plenty of grip, but light and comfortable, and they don't fly off or move even a little during vigorous martial arts training with a lot of quick head spinning maneuvers. I like Nike glasses with flexon better than Oakley, because they are more comfortable, and mostly because they are cheaper.

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