I just ride my second ever DH day at Northstar yesterday. Had an absolute blast, but by the end of the day my elbows were so painful I had to quit before last chair. I didn't crash, and it seems the pain is from my elbows hitting the inside of my armour. I have a Leatt Airflex armoured jacket which fits well (nice and tight) and the armour doesn't move around. The only previous issue I've had with the jacket before I used it for DH is some minor chafing in the elbows. That said, I've only worn it for BMX, and I wasn't riding continuously on rough terrain for 5 hours when doing that! When I woke up this morning the tips of my elbows were slightly swollen and bruised, and hurt so much I couldn't put a long sleeved shirt on. I have really skinny arms and bony elbows that are quite sensitive. I like the protection I get from wearing the jacket but the aftermath is pretty painful. I'm wondering if anyone else has this weird problem, and if so, how did you solve it?