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    elbow pads for summer use

    Hi could you please recommend a elbow pads that is comfy, good protection and suitable for Australian summer. Our temp during summer goes up to >35C so its pretty hot.

    I had some elbow pads that i'm looking, these are

    TLD speed
    IXS flow
    Raceface Indy.

    Feel free post your suggestion and review below

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    Are you looking for advice on fit, function or heat retention/dispersion?

    Which brands does your LBS carry? To me that would be a good indicator of which brands Aussies think are appropriate for the weather there.

    I'd have to think that no matter what, when you put something on your body it is going to be hot.

    The race face look to be the longest of the three, so I suppose I that means they cover the most and are the hottest.

    Lastly, something that fits me many not fit you. But that being said I have 661 pads and they seem fine, but when I bought them I did not try on a bunch of different brands as my LBS had a limited selection in my size.

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    I love my IXS Flows. They do not cover the most of the arm of all pads available but they protect the elbow well. I can ride with them on for hours and never notice them.

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