• 11-19-2018
    Elbow pads for skinny & tall folks
    My fox pads for DH/enduro are more or less dead. They will not stay in place. I am now down to 168lbs & 6'1. What are you skinny guys running?
  • 11-26-2018
    Being 86kg /195cm i struggle with finding pads that do not slide down OR being overly tight in the elbow when I bend them (which results in poor blood flow). I have tried a ton of different models and sizes, and the best I've tested in a shop for now is the ION E-lite. They seem to stick well without being overly restrictive. I haven't tested them riding, but they seem better than the 661 D3o I use now.

    I would say that testing in store or a webshop with free returns is a must. I ordered 5 different models in both M and L, and will return most.

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