Just a quick post to try and help someone in a similar situation. No LBS around me stocks pads in store so I have to purchase online. The other problem is I'm a large rider so sizing is an issue. There are only a few I found that said they went up to 14.5" on the bicep which are G-form, Rockgardn, Fox and POC I wanted more protection than G-form, Rockgardn would have taken to long to received and to much to ship back if they didn't fit. I decided to first try Fox Launch hard shell because of the great reviews and I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend POC money, I got lucky with the POC knee pads I have 44.00 off amazon. The Fox pads were super tight, I mean cut off circulation tight. I've read they do break in and loosen up but didn't want to take the chance. The material on the sleeve is very thin, I could see it ripping because of how tight they fit. So I ordered the POC DH elbow pads from backcountry (my first time) and paid for over night shipping to get one ride in before a cruise and the temps are starting to drop fast here. The POC pads fit fantastic not to tight and not to loose. They have the silicone grippers on the inside top and bottom plus they have the straps so I do not see them moving at all. After I try them on a ride I'll update on the feel.