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    Elbow and Knee Protection

    I'm sure this has been asked a million times before but I just don't have the time to sift through the ton of info out there.
    So, who makes the best Elbow/forearm and Knee/shin protection? Just doing XC with a little enduro thrown in.
    Thanks all.

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    I love my IXS Flow stuff. I just got in a new set with the zip knees so no verdict on those but the slip on ones are amazing.

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    Huge fan of my Kali Protectives Strike knee and elbow pads. Stay put, breathe well, great protection.

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    I have been using IXS Cleaver. Coverage for elbow/forearms and knee/shins. Good stuff. The others mentioned above don't address forearm/shin areas.

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    I assume this to mean you're looking for something lighter weight than the usual DH type gear so I'd throw in the suggestion of looking at the TLD Speed knees and elbows. Thin and lightweight. Breathe reasonably well. And they use a thin layer of flexible D3O padding that hardens on impact. Fortunately, I have never put them to a significant test but the most important aspect of them are they are very easy to wear and to wear often where all my other pads I can easily talk myself out of putting them on and they get left behind in the truck. They don't offer much protection when they're in the gear bag.

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    You need to go out and try on as many as you can. I've tried on some that people love and they just don't fit me.
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    there were some really good recent large group kneepad reviews (light and heavy duty) on vitalmtb and enduromtb. Just google it and check out those articles. Ultimately though, as Travis Bickle said, it really boils down to personal fit and match in terms of sizing. I've been using the Leatt Airflex Pro as my very light duty trail pad and love them. Recently, I needed new heavy duty kneepads and tried a bunch (TLD Raid, Leatt 3DF 6.0, Scott Grenade EVO and Ion K-Pact). They all seemed very good, but sizing and fit-wise the ION was best for me and what I ended up buying, even though my initial favorites prior to trying any of them, were the Leatt and the Scott.

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    I have 661 Evo knee and elbow pads and I like them. I have crashed on them, over the bars onto rocks, and was totally uninjured. They stay in place very well and are fairly comfortable. Had them on for a couple of hours today both climbing and descending.

    Something that didn't soak up quite so much sweat would be nice though I guess ;0)

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    what are people's experience with g form pro x pads?

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    I like the g-forms from a comfort perspective but you really have to get the fit right. They can easily slide (or feel too tight). If your body changes size (for example an injury keeps you out of the gym), they can stop fitting. They also will slide in a crash. However, while all that makes them sound bad, they arenít, they just require careful fitting. If you end up with a pair thatís a tad too small (slipping) you can also stitch the a bit tighter. It doesnít take a hyper competent seamstress.

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    I just bought the Fox launch Elbow pads. I have done two rides with them, both about 2 hours long. I live in the Midwest and itís hot. These didnít bother me at all, they stayed put and didnít slip around my arm. Thereís a fairly hard shell right on your elbow and it should protect well. Iím happy with them so far

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