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    Durable long sleeve jersey

    Has anyone found a long sleeve jersey that doesn't shred easily when you crash on it? I only need durable fabric in the arms and shoulders, ideally the torso would vent and wick well. I've looked through all the old "jersey" posts, and had a look on the Dakine, TLD, and Leatt websites (I had some Fox shorts and decided not to buy Fox clothing again), and haven't found the exact thing I am looking for. The Leatt DBX 4 Ultraweld sounds about the closest, since it has elbow reinforcement, but I really want the whole arm to be durable, and the rest of the jersey is "ultra-light" stretch mesh fabric, which I imagine will shred on my arms/shoulders just like my Leatt gloves of a similar build did.

    I am looking for a loose fitting long sleeve jersey, that hopefully doesn't scream full on moto or downhill, but I will take fabric features if I have to deal with loud graphics.

    It's pretty warm where I ride right now (70s F), but I almost always wear long sleeve for protection. I've been wearing an REI polyester layer, and already sewed one hole up, and I have another hole now. I hate sewing so much...

    EDIT: Found the Endura MT500 BURNER L/S JERSEY, which has reinforced shoulder and sleeve regions... that sounds like the winner, although it is pretty ugly.

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    Have you looked into any motorcycle shirts/jerseys? They often reinforce them with aramid/kevlar and the cut is often similar in that there is an expectation of your hands being in front of you.

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    I've dumped my dirt bike a few times wearing my Thor riding Jersey and it's still holding up. Might check out some motocross jerseys, maybe a bit more durable.

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    Cool, thanks. I see a lot of people like motocross jerseys, and another mtbr said Thor jerseys were durable. Plus, I hadn't thought about the (street?) motorcycle shirts with kevlar.

    I dug through some old threads again and found some ideas that also have elbow/shoulder durability: goalie (soccer) jersey, tactical/military style shirts.
    This seems like one of those things that bike specific gear makers aren't doing a great job at, at least not for a good price.

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    Abrasion resistant and cool are two opposites that make it hard to combine in one. I mentioned in an older thread, one of my favorite jerseys is a soccer jersey I picked up years and years ago and still use. If I took a serious spill on them, I'm sure theyd shred though. For more serious runs I use pads in addition. I picked up a year or so ago a MTB jersey that had some light padding on elbow called Vapor that had some venting perforation, but the venting seemd to be in odd places and it ended up not being that cool, not as good as the soccer jersey.

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