do my shoes fit

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  • 03-26-2007
    do my shoes fit
    Hello I am sure this is a common question, i am very sorry for that, but i got only a few days to return them if im wrong
    OK here is my story, i am a mountain biker, just starting with the clipless pedals, i decided to give in and believe alllllll the people who say the work :) im slow somethimes

    Do these shoes strech or wear in nicely?
    anyhow i bought Nike Alpine 2 shoe, they fit tighter than i am use to for a day to day shoe, the velcro holds snuggly and look kinda like a have fat feet because the valcro is up over the shoe abit, (hard to explain, not important either),
    there is not much room at the front, just a bit but the toe is pointy to my toes cant really move too much al all forward when my heal is at the back, but i dont feel crunched in them.
    Sitting for about 30min my feet still felt fine and when I took them off only kinda read lines where the toung sits on the top of the foot.
    When I move my foot in a around it kinda pokes the ankle but when biking i dont think my food moves like that.
    Now I expect to still run up hills from time to time, (i am also just starting Single speed) so i wanted to make sure im correct with the shoe.

    Sorry to bother only realy if you can help and if it is not too much trouble
    thank-you very much


    also is there a post out there comparing clipless pedals, i ride in the mud. i was looking at the time ones, or the eggbeater

    is this link also relevent to mountin shoes
  • 03-26-2007
    If a shoe is not comfortable it doesn't fit. They sound too tight!
  • 03-26-2007
    i was reading you want them to be "skin tight" if my food dosent move in the shoe is that nat a good thing?? im real new to these
    thanks for the help:)