Do all helmets sweat the same?-
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    Do all helmets sweat the same?

    Wondering if a new helmet will fix this?
    When I ride hard, and start sweating a lot- my helmet seems to pour all the sweat straight down my forehead and into my eyes (and on to my glasses). I've always just tolerated it. But it is really getting annoying, and seems to happen at the worst possible time.

    Note; my helmet is probably 10 years old, has the pad(?) right across the forehead. Is/was a high end helmet (10 years ago...)

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    if your helmet is 10 years old it needs to be replaced anyway

    to fix the sweat problem try one of these
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    +1 for Halo products. The ONLY things that keeps sweat out of my eyes.
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    Gotta agree on both counts. Replace the helmet get one with more vents and get a halo.

    I sweat a LOT and used the band it does work but also no hair to stop the flow so it all seems to come to the face. I now use the halo do rags. They hold some sweat on top and stop the rest at the forehead. They have a warm weather version of the do rag too. Breathable.

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    another vote for a new helmet (for safety reasons, if nothing else) and a halo.
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    Shameless Plug

    I'd agree that you need to replace the helmet if it's that old. But if you're looking to keep sweat out of your eyes, I'd recommend a CrownWear Bike Helmet Liner. It absorbs the sweat and wicks it away, but it doesn't have that plastic strip in it, so you don't get that annoying line across your forehead.

    {edit} in the interest of full-disclosure, i want to mention that i work for CrownWear, so i'm biased, but that doesn't mean it's not a great product {/edit}
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