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    Disappointed with 5.10 Freerider contacts

    Just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issues i've been having. I bought the Freerider contacts because they seemed to be the ideal shoe for me. Since I've bought them I havn't been totally satisfied. I can be a little picky at times and change for me is hard, so for a while I chalked all the issues up to that. My main issue now though is the durability of these shoes. I purchased the shoes in mid March and already they have significant wear on the bottom. Like so much that a few spots have worn a hole through the first layer of the sole. I've put a little over 500 miles on the shoes but my expectation was they would last longer than 2.5 months. I put 1000+ on my old Impacts and they look better off than the Contacts. Same thing with my Specialized 2FOs. Close to a year and 1500+ miles using the same pedals as the Contacts and they look better off than the Contacts. Is this something 5.10 would warranty, should I be upset, or is this just not the shoe for me?

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    If you're running aggressive pins then I wouldn't expect the sole to last a long time. I got mine in December and my pins aren't too aggressive but the sole already has potholes on it from the pins.

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    One thing I've found is that pedals with center pins tear up shoes a lot faster than shoes with just perimeter pins. The center pins usually aren't necessary, so I remove them.

    Also, with respect to 5.10's durability, the Mi6 rubber does tear and delaminate fairly easily. I have no idea why they're using it instead of the S1 rubber that's used on the Impacts. After being burned by the Mi6 rubber like you have, I'm sticking with the Impacts in future.

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