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    DH gloves?

    to occupy the moments before my lift-assisted bike park reopens (diablo baby!), i look at gear and parts that i need, but often times it's stuff i don't need and can't afford. anyhow, in terms of stuff that i need, i'm looking to score some new dh gloves. what raves/rants do you have about specific dh gloves? (btw, by dh gloves, i mean gloves with knuckle protection) would love to hear some feedback/recs. my prior pair was the fox unabomber which i liked in terms of fit, but its durability really sucked. just a few months of riding and the stitching on the fingertips busted open

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    I can't say enough good things about my Troy Lee Apex Gloves. I'm a gearhead and I'm always buying stuff I don't need. I have about 3 pairs of DH gloves including the 661 Gracia model (too stiff, too many man-made materials, doesn't break in to the shape of your hand) The Apex has a lot of real leather which forms to your hand after a few good sweats, but you can still throw them in the wash. The knuckles are real woven carbon fibre and not just shiny plastic, so that's nice. Some of the little rubber accents will tear off, but the glove will hold up and do it's job. http://www.pricepoint.com/detail/146...pex-Gloves.htm
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    motocross gear. Works 10x better than 661 and similar manufacturars.
    I've been using AXO Torque gloves. They work so amazingly good. Very durable and the best grip. Plus, your hands dont go numb after a whoile day at Diablo : )


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    I have Specialized Fortress gloves (circa' summer 2006) and they're awesome, but thye never did fully break-in. I've been riding them almost exclusively for DH/Freeride, and the protection is worth the lack of being able to break them in.

    As far as the other gloves I've used, the first generation 661 Cedrics were awesome, and they were the most comfortable glove I've ridden. Unfortunatley, they got so smelly after a year, I gave them to a friend... he didn't mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ammarhio
    motocross gear. Works 10x better than 661 and similar manufacturars.
    I've been using AXO Torque gloves.
    I agree that your best bet is motocross gear. 661 makes lots of moto stuff, and some of it is great (core cooler is a must for hot days), but I don't like their gloves. Also the company called AXO was renamed 661 about 5 years ago. I had a couple pairs of AXO gloves that fell apart within a few weeks. Fox gloves also usually fall apart.

    I hate gloves with knuckle protectors, so I run Thor Core mx gloves (06-08). The best gloves I've tried with carbon knuckles are Dainese mx gloves - hard to find and expensive, but they fit great and last a long time. Troy Lee stuff is easier to find and usually fits great too.

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    I like the 661 Raji Gloves. Simple, they breathe well, and they're cheap. All 661 gloves wear out fast though, so don't expect to get more than one season out of any of the gloves.
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    Don't buy the Rock Gard'n Fate gloves. I sent my first pair in because they were falling apart after about 10 days of DHing with no crashes. They sold me another pair at a discounted price, and they are falling apart as well. Plus, the carbon nuckles on the 2nd pair really started hurting so I quit wearing them. The new ones have the carbon nuckle split into two, but they would probably fall apart too.

    By the way, I wrote them and told them what was going on with the 2nd pair and they never even replied. SO in my opinion, stay away from the Fate gloves.

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    go to a motocross shop and try on all the brands, who cares what they look like, every manf. makes there gloves diff. and the higher up models will be sturdier materials.

    me personally i like thor gloves the best, ive always had a good fit with them. TLD moto gloves have really long fingers (they are getting better though) MSR, is my second choice.

    but try on all the different brands and models. make the sales people hate you, its there job.

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    Dainese has great gloves. Don't remember the model name but they are very durable and offer amazing grip. Wouldn't change them for anything.
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