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    Dainese Hybrid Knee Pads Review

    There really isn't any info on here about these knee pads, so I figured I'd share my 2c since I just bought these pads and I've had the Trailskins as well.

    To give a brief background on why I ended up buying the Hybrids, I had been using the Trailskins for a couple of months until a tame crash completely shredded one of the pads making me question the durability of the Trailskins.

    I was looking for a lightweight, breathable, pedaling-friendly knee pads that could handle crashes on rocks. The Hybrids are a step up from the Trailskins, and since I liked the Trailskins I thought these would do everything I was looking for.

    I've only put a few rides on them in 95deg weather, but I've tried out enough pads to know what works or what doesn't, so here are my impressions:

    Pros: lightweight and low profile. easy to slip on and off (if you picked the correct size), good coverage of the knee and the sides of the knee plus they come down to mid-shin so that's covered as well. relatively breathable in hot weather. pedal friendly and they stay put even when you're drenched in sweat.

    Cons: not breathable enough in hot weather. retention straps could be wider/bigger for better fit. sizing is hard to nail down. better quality control and finish (mine had some plastic thread ends poking out on the inside that felt like needle pricks when I tried on the pads).

    Things that should be improved: Breatheability (they should have used more of the plastic honecomb material like on the Trailskins). Sizing (Dainese's size chart is inconsistent and confusing). More countouring of the pad to make the pad fit more naturally to the shape of the knee. Better mesh material that's more durable. The straps at the calf and thigh should be larger and have more velcro surface area.

    Overall I'd give it a 6/10, mainly due to sizing. I ordered a size down from the Trailskins I had since those ended up stretching and fitting too loose and also consulted the sizing chart of which I found two versions (one was based on just knee circumference and other had a thigh and calf size), but they ended up being too tight for my preference. The only reason I kept them was that I know (or hope) that they'll stretch and then the fit will be just right, but at the moment they fit pretty tight although I'm still able to close the velcro straps easily. I've had other pads like G-forms, TLD, 7IDP, etc and sizing is always a crap-shoot but I feel Dainese does a particularly poor job of giving sizing info. I do like that they cover the knee very well and that they're long enough to cover most of the shin, but they don't flow as much as I'd hoped.

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    What is your comparison to the G-forms, TLD and 7IDP?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diiulio View Post
    What is your comparison to the G-forms, TLD and 7IDP?
    This is all my opinion but the G-Forms are worthless. I bought a second set of TLD T-Bones since my old ones started to develop too much funk that I couldn't wash out, and I'm giving the 7IDP Flex knee pads another try since I found some on close out recently.

    Now that I've ridden the pads for a good while, I do recommend the Hybrids overall. They stay in place well, pedal well, don't chafe or feel uncomfortable, and do a great job in protection. Mine have stretched (or slightly ripped) so they fit better now, and have held up pretty well. They're still hot on hot days but they don't feel uncomfortable, if that makes sense. I go back and forth between the TLD T-bones and the Daineses depending on where I'm riding and how aggressive I'm looking to be.

    I did order the Leatt 3DF 5.0 pads as an early Christmas gift for myself and immediately sent them back. They fit super weird because they're basically a giant cup that your knee sits in. The 7IDP Flex pads are similar (basically a big knee cup covered with a sleeve) but I got the wrong size last time so I want to give them an honest chance.

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