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    D2 fan boys; help a guy make the inside of his helmet less messy.

    Coming from a relatively cheap helmet (Azonic T55) I found the D2, though looking great on the outside, is utter crap on the inside, quality wise. A top of the line helmet and it uses tiny bits of padding attached to the protective foam by little velcro dots with half a drop of adhesive... That's just lame.

    But luckily it isn't too hard of a problem to fix. What have you guys fount to be the best way to do this? Glue bigger better velcro straps to the foam to keep everything in place or do you guys stick more soft foam in there under the pads.

    Sneak product bashing: It's hot and and it's got much worse hearing than my previous cheap helmet. A cheap helmet which was 1/4 the price, had excellent padding, lighter weight, excellent protection, good ventilation and a crappy paint job. Pshhhh, being cool comes at a price!
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    I have never had a problem with my D2 fitting, foam or anything. Sounds to me like you don't like it. Maybe you should take it back??

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    Or just save some $$ by getting the same cheap helmet you replaced and let the rest of us D2 users enjoy our helmets.
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    My D2 works better (interior) than my other helmet - Remedy.

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    Shoulda got the D3.
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    I used the end of a bic pen to compress the foam in a few places.... fits most prime
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    My D2 is absolutely awesome!
    I've even used it on short mellow Moto Rides!
    Fits like a glove!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Cliffy
    Shoulda got the D3.
    I hear the new D4 is really sick

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