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    cycling shoe fit

    Greetings! I ordered a pair of 5.10 flat impact vxi. The fit feels fine but I have almost no toe room, 1/4 to 1/2 inch tops. Nonetheless I have plenty of room to wiggle toes because the shoe shape is so wide and stubby at the toe.

    I've gotten conflicting advice on how this shoe is -intended- to fit. Some say a cycling shoe should fit like a running shoe, but running shoes should have at least 3/4 inch of toe room to avoid turf toe. The entry says that cycling shoes should fit snug with -no more than- 1/2 inch of toe room and no heel slip. The Livestrong entry seems to make more sense: I don't think a cycling shoe should need lots of toe room and that the most important thing is a snug but comfortable fit so your feet and heels don't slip while pedalling.

    Can anyone give advice from practical experience? Does the fit and toe room sound about right? Or will I be jamming my toes against the front of the shoe all the time and should size up a half?
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    On bike it won't matter, if you do a LOT of hike a bike, then the running space makes sense. Otherwise there just needs to be toe room, any amount so you aren't hitting the end just walking around.

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