Curious ? about helmet color.-
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    Curious ? about helmet color.

    I am shopping for a helmet since my old one is cracked. It has lived well beyond what it's life expectancy. It was a Giro Pneumo.

    In trying to find a new helmet, I noticed that often times if I can find one in my size at all(medium), the red is the cheapest option or the only color left. Is it just because red doesn't go with everything like black or white will? That you resemble a mushroom guy on Mario Bros? A heat thing & sun? Fading issues? What?

    Before I buy, I wanted to be sure there isn't something that I am missing about helmet color.
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    Red on your body or bike that you can see while riding makes you more aggressive and therefore faster. You can't see your own helmet but the rider behind you can and seeing red will cause them to ride more aggressively and then they will soon be in front of you.

    That's my half baked hypothesis.
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    In my opinion helmet colour is just matter of taste.(and it somewhat matches the personality) Black and white are more moderate colours and match more colour as you mentioned. Many people don't really care about the helmet, but they need something to protect their skull, so they buy something average (black, white or silver/gray). They don't want to make a stir. Don't misunderstand me, getting a helmet from the 3 mentioned colour doesn't mean you want to make a stir.
    I bought 3 helmet so far. First was gray, second black, third white/black/red.

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    I have a blood red bike, and my helmet just happens to be red/gray/black. I don't like to be too matchy-matchy and look like a performance catolog model, but I don't want to look like a complete goober either.

    If you're going to try and match your bike/clothes then try to do it subtly, otherwise you'll look like you think you're a super hero. . .

    In the end all that really matters is you get a helmet that fits properly and you actually wear it.

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    Curious ? about helmet color.

    According to my rafting friends, red floats, so there's that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by evasive View Post
    According to my rafting friends, red floats, so there's that.

    Red is demonstratively faster too.

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    I'd like a hi-vis yellow helmet, since I ride one of my mountain bikes the one mile to/from work when weather allows, and not getting hit is my primary goal when commuting. As for what color my helmet is, my neighbor asked me that when he got his new bike a few weeks ago and was asking me what kind of helmet to get, and I told him what color I thought it was, and I was wrong. Unless I thought a helmet was going to make me less likely to be hit by a car, I'm pretty much choosing the least expensive color.

    (That said, my helmet is not red. It's black and/or blue and/or silver, but not all three. I've forgotten what color it is again.)

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