So after 2 years of riding, participating in a good amount of rides and doing my first MTB race, I'm finally convinced that I switch to clipless.

Read everything I can about which one is good for someone who's never been on clipless and decided that the Shimano PD-M530 is the one for me + Shimano SH56 cleats.

I've also decided to go local and support my area LBS's so gonna pick up the cleats and pedals tomorrow morning.

Locally, I found my shoe size (after being helped by the guys at the LBS). I'm still torn though whether I should go with full-blown stiff-soled shoes or ones with rubber soles.

Rubber-soled ones (I like these for hike-a-bikes with just a little flex)
1. PI Enduro
2. PI X-Alp Seek IV
3. Specialized Tahoe

Stiff-soled ones (these things are light but could be sketchy for hike-a-bikes)
1. Specialized Sport MTB
2. PI ...... hmmm forgot which one it was
3. Northwave Lizzard

I'm leaning towards the rubber-soled ones so trying to find arguments against it and favoring the stiff-soled ones, considering my pedals of choice has platforms anyways.

Obviously, as you can tell, I need help Thank you in advance.