Compression Calf Sleeves

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  • 11-03-2017
    Compression Calf Sleeves
    54yr old avid MTB rider here with a curious question about compression calf sleeves.

    I don't have any types of legs, knees or calf issues whatsoever but I wonder if anyone else wears them and have felt or sensed wearing these have improved their mountain biking any? And if so, in what way has it?
  • 11-04-2017
    Rocky Mtn
    I have a pair of knee high compression socks for skiing, and I like them. They are work to put on though.

    I have a pair of low cut one for biking, and I feel they make my feet and legs feel a little better after riding.
  • 11-30-2017
    I often ride with calf high compression socks and leatt knee pads. It results in no visibly exposed skin below the waist.

    Longest ride Iíve done wearing them was around 5 hours. I didnít notice any real difference compared to my sock guys socks in terms of foot comfort. For me the real has been in keeping my legs safer from getting scratched up, and I havenít gotten any ticks or poison oak on my legs since I started wearing them.