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    Cold weather gloves that don't suck?

    Can someone recommend some winter gloves that don't suck?

    I've tried PI Cyclones, and my hands got cold almost immediately. I'm also not a fan of the gel pads (they make it hard to grip the bars). The PI Gavias do OK in windy or wet weather, but there's very little insulation. Also, the insides of the gloves have rough edges that you feel after about 30 minutes.

    What's the hot ticket (no pun intended) for a lightly-padded glove that's good down to 30f or so?

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    I would consider the Cyclone glove more of a shoulder season glove. It's great when it's sunny and forties, but under that, it's not up to snuff for the cold. The Gavia is similar to the Cyclone, but offers better performance in the wet. If you want a really good cold weather glove, try the PI Amfib. I've been wearing them in night rides at 5 degrees and my fingers are toasty. Typical good PI stuff and lifetime warranty, too.

    Downside is that with all that insulation, they can feel a bit bulky.

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    Check the lobster style, too. Anything that keeps your fingers together will keep them warm. (i.e. Gloves VS mittens)

    I use old ski gloves sometimes, too.

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    I've been using wool glove liners from IceBreaker under some Specialized Deflect gloves... Not bulky at all, and really keep my hands warm when it's below freezing. I have a pair of the PI amfib gloves and they are indeed warm. I had two problems with them. One, they stink after a few rides. So when I would wash them I found it impossible to get my fingers back into them - the built-in glove liner that is sewn in is ridiculous to try to get into the fingers straight on my XL gloves. It took me way too long to try to make them comfortable again after a washing - so I gave up on them. The thumb and at least one finger in each glove won't extend inside the glove to the end of it - horrible design. The second problem I had was that they are pretty bulky. I had problems stretching the fingers away from the thumb when braking. The result is that my hands felt more fatigued inside those gloves. They were warm, but more tired.

    Sorry for rambling... I like smaller layered gloves, instead of bulky warm gloves.

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    I've just been using the LINERS from Specialized's "Sub Zero" glove. Have not even needed to use the outer shell!! Zero Glove

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    Cheap windstopper fleece from Target.
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    Moose mitts. Not really gloves, but a great idea. Got this recommendation from the guys who ride in Alaska. Haven't tried 'em myself yet.

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    Craft Thermal Split Finger Gloves are good for me down to around 20F on the road bike. So they would get the job done on the trail where the speeds are a bit lower in even colder temps. I have been on the same pair for 3 years now.
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