Cold weather apparel. What are you wearing for the cold rides?-
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    Cold weather apparel. What are you wearing for the cold rides?

    I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Idaho 5 years ago and am just now starting to adjust to the cold winters here
    This will be the first winter I plan to be riding through and officially become a year round rider again
    I need recomendation on riding gear to help keep me warm.
    I'm talking 30 degrees cold weather super cold.

    What are all you other cold weather riders sporting?

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    I ride in 10+ degrees F during the winter. Balaclava is highly recommended to keep your head warm.

    On windy days I wear Gore Cycling winter pants and other times Performance bicycle medium or heavy thermals (not neoprene).

    Jackets vary depending on conditions. I have an old REI shell that I wear with layers of shirts and when it is below 20, I wear a medium weight Gore cycling or Castelli winter jacket (the warmest they make).

    I typically wear a three shirt layers (all polyester) one short sleeve a thin and also medium weight long sleeve. If I am going to be out for 3+ hours, I wear a marmot long sleeve shirt liner against my skin to reduce moisture. No cotton for me...

    The most difficult thing for me to keep warm is my toes. I wear Lake MX-140's with two pairs of thin wool socks and bring heat packs to chuck in if I'm out for a long time. I like the 140's over the 302's because they are more versatile for less than extreme cold conditions, much lighter and keep the water out quite effectively.

    My hands start off cold but after ~10 minutes of riding they are fine in Performance Zonda windproof gloves.

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    agreed balaclava, merino wool baselayers top and bottom and I have some inner fleece lined tights on top of that. I ride flats so most any shoe that is comfortable is fine and always merino wool winter socs like the woolies from MEC. All natural fibers will keep you smelling good and best moisture transport there is.
    My current fav this past winter was my Icebreaker 260weight I believe top. Depending on how cold it is on top will add either another mid weight jacket and then a goretex shell or shell only.

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    We have snow/ice, and cold in the trails in Michigan, I like to wear protective gear, it keeps me warm, and helps protect when I fall on the ice/snow. Motocross pants work great, Specialized Defroster MTB shoes/boots insulated/waterproof, then layer on top, I also wear Fox Titan body armor (warm and protection), I removed the roost plates from the chest area. I find MX long sleeve jerseys for around $20 on sale. Some warm gloves to start out then change as I warm up.

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    - Layers for top and bottom.
    - Warm shoes!!!
    - Gloves. What exactly you need depends on you and how you ride.
    - For the head, I start with a Buff and go for thin wool caps or balaclavas under the helmet when it get colder.

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    Is there a benefit to buying cycling-specific base layers?

    Are there any brands which are consistently known for producing quality gear?

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    Hands and feet are the toughest. I have older lakes (they look more like 302's than 140's) and they are not as warm as I would like. I wear a thick pair of socks, but need those chemical toe warmers if it's under about 38 degrees. When it gets below freezing, I put on flat pedals and wear winter hiking boots (and still carry toe warmers in case I need them. Below freezing, snow can ice up my cleats.

    For my hands, I usually wear regular fingerless mountain bike gloves with a pair of fleece North Face gloves over top. My hands get cold at first, but warm up during the ride. If it's really cold, I'll use lobster claw x-c or bike mits.

    On top, I'll wear 2 technical t-neck base layers, and a fleece vest. Most people wear jackets, but I don't like all that fabric on my arms. On the bottom, I layer my bike shorts, then long underwear under relatively inexpensive bike tights. I have several weights of long underwear to choose from, depending on the temperature. I sometimes put a pair of shorts over everything so the tights don't get caught on the saddle--and they help keep my butt warm.

    On my head, I'll wear a beanie, or head band under my helmet. And I duct-tape the helmet vents. I tried using a downhill ski helmet and it was too hot.

    Remember that if you are comfortable in the parking lot, you will be way overheated on the trail.

    Note that I don't have to deal with wind. Even with the leaves off the trees, the trails I ride are fairly sheltered.

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    I actually started riding bikes heavily this past winter... I started wearing nike's version of underarmour base layers (tights and long sleeve shirt) then bike shorts and a fleece pullover, and then another layer of pants over the top (thermal running pants) and then a coat that was more of a windbreaker than anything... For the feet, I would just wear hiking boots with wool socks, and on my hands depending on the temperature would be ski gloves or non vented motocross gloves. Then like others, I would highly recommend a balaclava!.

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    Under Armor base layer, knee warmers, two pais of wicking socks with my regular Shimano shoes. On top, a wicking t shirt over the long sleeve under armor, or a long sleeve wicking shirt if it's colder with a Trek winter jacket. Balaclava, gloves... oh yeah. Neck warmer. I ride when it's 15 degrees.
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