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    clipless shoes. . .

    Seems like there have been alot of threads lately about shoes and pedals but non helped me out at all, so here goes. Ive been riding for about 6 months and have decided to go clipless. . . The LBS only has bontrager shoes and the race mountain is the only one under 100 dollars. Jenson has some these for the same price as the bontragers. Im kind of hesitant about buyin a shoe that ive never tried on, but im also hesitant about buying a shoe that fit decent but never wearing a different shoe. . . So, basically im wondering which would be the better shoe and if there are any other sub 100 dollar shoes that you would recommend. . . im kind of leaning towards the shimano's honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncle dave
    Im kind of hesitant about buyin a shoe that ive never tried on,
    Me too
    There's no guarantee that it fits, if you order without trying...

    That said, I usually wear Euro size 44 or sometimes 43 shoes. I recently picked up a discounted pair of nice Shimano shoes and size 45 fit perfectly.

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    I tried a ton of shoes and never liked any until I found Sidi. I have been wear Sidi Dominator's for MTB and Sidi Genius for road for years and have zero complaints. I can ride all day either MTB or Road and never think about my feet, plus they dry quick after some unexpected stream crossings!

    Jenson has Sidi bullets for $110 on closeout. These are basically the Dominator's with all velcro instead of a buckle. If your ready to buy this is a great deal. Their sizes are very true to Euro size.

    good luck!
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    For what it's worth...I've found Shimano's to fit large compared to other shoes. IMO...I'd never buy a shoe unless I had tried it on. That being said....when it comes to shoes, or ski boots, or any other foot torture's worth ordering a bunch of different ones/brands and sizes on line, trying them all on at home and returning the ones you don't want. The extra cost in shipping is worth it given all the troubles a bad pair of shoes can give you down the road (or trail). This, of irrelevant if you have a LBS with a big selection.

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    I also would never buy a pair of shoes unless I had tried them on. Personally, I prefer Specialized shoe's and they have a few models under $100. I went to multiple bike shops before I found a pair I liked.
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    I bought the shoes in your link...

    I found them at my LBS and REI for the same price as Jenson. I found the M075's for $10 less. I liked this because I too did not know what size I would need and knew I would not get the correct size first time out. My first pair of clipless. I have done 1 race (beginner class) and 4 other normal local rides and I like them. My time did improve with these clipless My next pair might have the rachet binding, but I think these will be good for my first shoe until I learn and build the muscles to pull up real hard.

    Good Luck!
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    If you order a shoe without trying it on, and it doesn't fit, you can always send it back for a size up or down. It is a pain in the ass, yes (sorta), but buying shoes at the LBS is just too expensive and most don't have a huge selection.....

    I buy all my shoes online, pricepoint, eBay, etc.......... works out great.

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    i've ordered plenty of shoes from online and i've only had to return one pair. check the sites return policy, some will offer free return shipping sometimes. there are a lot of good shoes available now that are under $100. most online shops usually have closeout type deals, sometimes you can really find some bargains.

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    i actually just found those shimano m076 with 20percent off at rei! 72 bucks!

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