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    Chest / Shoulder protection for everyday riding?

    I'm 58. I don't heal the way I used to.

    In the past few years my injuries are primarily to my shoulders (2 AC and 1 SC separation) or to the chest (broken ribs and almost took a core sample when I went down on the bar end).
    None of these happened when I was hitting big lines or high speed DH trails. It was stupid accidents on easy sections when I wasn't expecting trouble.

    I'm considering chest / shoulder protection that would be comfortable enough to wear all the time or could be put in a pack for long climbs and used on the descents. I'm considering the TLD 5850.
    Anyone routinely wear chest / shoulder protection? Is it comfortable to wear it on most rides?
    Will I regret my purchase because I just won't wear it because it's too hot or uncomfortable?

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    I considered it after a few mishaps, one that resulted in a broken clavicle and a few broken ribs. I couldn't find anything I thought I could get along with though so I've kind of given up on it. So far so good.

    The shoulder is an inherintly weak and vulnerable joint. After my accident I was prescribed some exercises that target that area and strengthen it and I've tried to keep up on them daily ever since. I don't know how much it helps but it sure doesn't hurt.

    Anyway that's all I got, sorry. I'm about your age btw.
    I brake for stinkbugs

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    Being that I live in the southeast, I don't think there's anything I'd be able to wear day-to-day in the summertime, UNLESS I stowed it in my pack for the climb and put it on for the downhill. But that would only work for some trails. No way would I want to do that on more xc-oriented rides where the route has more frequent undulations.

    And I see you live farther south than me (assuming you're in FL).

    That'd be a great big nope from me. Any protection you put on is going to make you warmer. Is the risk of heat stroke a lesser risk for you than broken bones? For me, it's a higher risk. I run warm as a matter of course, so no way I'd want to wear that level of protection on day-to-day riding.

    Maybe take some time to focus on skills and avoiding mental lapses to prevent these kinds of wrecks in the first place.

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    I'm 10 weeks healed up @ 60 from broken shoulder blade-clavicle-ribs. Just bought the TLD 7850 and have worn it 1/2 dozen times the past two weeks snowbiking in Colorado. It's true to size and fits nicely but does run warm. I will continue to wear in winter with a light short sleeve wool underneath. Don't think I will be able to tolerate it in the summer but it is a nice for peace of mind this winter while I'm on the mend and need to ride.

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