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    chest body armor?

    I'm looking to buy my first body armor . I'm looking at the sixsixone pressure suit or sixsixone SP-1 Pressure suit.

    Any one has experience with any of those? As for sizing, I'm 6 feet 163 pounds, I fall in between the small and medium. Not quite sure on what to do ?

    Any other body armor that are good for the price anyone could suggest?



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    As far as the 661 stuff, the regular pressure suit has a little more hardshell on the arms over the SP suit. Being on the tall side, I'd think you'd want to go at least medium. The best thing to do would be to find a shop with some of this stuff in stock and just try it on. If that's not a possibility, call 661 and they can make a reccomendation based on some of your measurements.

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    the new azonic is real nice....all depends on what kind of weather you mostly ride...warm/hot/cold
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    i got a pressure suit for chirstmas. im yet to test it really, or even ride with it but it seems pretty bomb proof. i rented an old set at snowshoe once (eww never again) and the new one feels much better then last years model. it fits me pretty well but im a pretty skinny kid. my medium fits me beautifly and im 5'9"ish 140lbs.

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    I've got the pressure suit and love it. I can't say exactly what the difference is between the suit and the sp1, but from other reviews I've read on the site (search func) it sounds like the sp1 is a little lighter/cooler but with a little less protection.

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