cheap shoe recommendation

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  • 03-23-2015
    cheap shoe recommendation
    Hey All

    Im making the jump to flats and just bought a set of nukeproof electron pedals.

    after a cheap shoe recommendation. about $50 Aus ($40US?)
    I hear about 5-10s the most but the are all generally $100+ which is out of my price range considering i may not like the transition.

    Vans seem to have a decent looking set of grips on the sole and i can pick some cheapies up locally.

    Any other thoughts?

  • 03-23-2015
    I managed to find a pair of 5-10 Spitfires last year for around $50 shipped. Definitely an entry-level 5-10 but still much better than my plain old Tony Hawk flats I was using before. I think deals on the Spitfire can be found easier than other models.