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    Cell Phone Protection on the Trail-Right place for this?

    Coming over from the AZ forum and not sure if this is even the right spot- if not, let me know. Search done and worthless BTW.

    Getting a new celly and it has a decent camera so I want it a little more accesible on the trail. Oh and I am impatient! SO it has to be easy to get to or I won't use it. Of course, it needs some protection too!

    I have a small camera case that the phone fits into, not super snug, but darn close. It mounts on the shoulder strap of my hydro pack and it is not armormed, just thick nylon weave. Since water/moisture is rarely an issue here I am a little less concerned about that. More interested in what is out there that is cycling specific that you have found or something you have hacked into a suitable carrier.
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    Ziploc sandwich bag in a pocket. Cheap. Waterproof and dustproof. Small. Light. Spares easily available. Doesn't absorb sweat. Did I mention cheap?

    I have been using them for years, rain or shine, and never had a problem.

    Make sure to get the manly mountain bike version, not the wussy road bike version.
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    Found this youtube. Don't know if are purchasing an Iphone but if you do check this out.
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    Best thing I've found is a top-tube mini pannier like this one with extra padding I added. Just the right size for a smartphone on one pocket and a P&S camera in the other. There's several different styles on eBay for cheap.

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    What new device are you getting? Whatever it is, check and see if Otterbox makes a Defender case for it. Not waterproof, but very rugged and should protect the phone if you fall. Put the device, in an Otterbox Defender, then in a Zip-Loc bag, and you now have waterproof and rugged.

    I'm going to give this handlebar mount a try for my htc EVO 3D to see how I like it:


    Curious to see how it handles rough trails with lots of roots, bumps, jumps, etc.

    Good luck!
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    I use the Bikase handlebar mount. It's solid, let's me run Cardio Trainer while I ride, listen to tunes, etc. but also protects the phone really well...not much will get to it mounted on the stem. Good padding, too.

    This is what it loos like:
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    Also get insurance for your phone... Best $5 a month I have ever paid

    Also what are you riding through that requires that kind of protection? I've been throwing my Android 2 in a variety of packs' top pockets (you know, the pocked at the top of a pack)and haven't had an issue (even with chest deep water crossings).

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    If you can get a Otter Defender like some one said above it is one of your best options. Also Trident makes a super durable case also may actually be a little more durable then Otter. I sell a bunch of both and i have seen them driven over by cars. And the phones were fine. One of my employees dropped his Blackberry that was in a Otter Defender, he drove over it and it spit out from under the tire and skipped across the parking lot. Very little damage at all. I wish i had a video of it.
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    Trident owner here, it takes a beating in the camelbak every ride and hasn't let me down yet.
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    I hope this helps as far as smartphone I use a lifeproof case. It's snow, mud, shock, and yes waterproof. I mean really waterproof I tested my case underwater for 30 mins and no leaks.

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    X2 or 3 or what ever on the otter box. I used to go through phones every 2-3 months, My old company even got me a military "brick" phone and that only lasted 5-6 months.. never though I'd have an Iphone last as long... in march it'll be up for a trade-in upgrade... still works and looks fine... have dropped it in streams, off the bike left it on the roof of a car and drove away.. bounced down the road (luckily we heard it and went back and got it) thing is fine...

    Otter box... sweet phone case

    about the only thing I didn't like and mod-ed was the belt clip.. thing is just WAY too bulky. I cut the big ass plastic thing off and got a nut and bolt and screwed on a spring steel clip off one of my take measures... still clicks in and rotates but doesn't hang 2 inches out. Clip it on my hydro pak and use a micro bungie to make sure it doesn't fall off.. right there and super simple-fast to whip out and take a pic.
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    The Lifeproof case (waterproof) is pretty sweet along with the new bar mount iPhone 4/4S Case - Gen 2 - LifeProof Apple Cases - LifeProof Store :: LifeProof Cases

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    I ended up with a HTC Arrive (Windows Phone) and since there is only six months until my contract renews/ends I figured I would try it. I like the O/S so far-but that is a different subject---

    Thanks for all the advice-I did a lot of searching and the Trident/Otterbox are not available for my model. I found the $5-$15 plastic snap on cases which will take a little impact energy, and go with my WP bag or find a small case to put it all in. I do have the insurance-always have and heavily used!

    I think now I'll look for windows phones from other carriers and see what options are for protection before I commit. Thanks again!
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