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    Is carrying a helmet on your backpack dangerous?

    Carrying a lightweight XC/road helmet on your pack, with a full-face on your head, is all the rage in Enduro racing these days. (Swap helmets for the uphill transitions obvs.)

    I have a buddy who's a very very talented DH rider. Masters rider, gone to multiple US championships etc. He insists that having a light helmet strapped to a backpack is a terrible and dangerous idea, because in the event of a crash it would keep you from executing a tuck-and-roll, and if landed on at high speed could cause significant spinal trauma.

    I tend to think that having it on the outside of a light Camelbak or similar should offer more spine protection in the event of a fall. And if that lets me race in a full-face, then the overall protection balance is positive.

    Anyone have thoughts on this?

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    The mechanics of landing on a full pack w/ helmet could possibly cause some type of spinal hyperextension injury such as anterior ligament failure, herniated/bulging disc, pinched nerve, or Spinous process fracture.

    With that being said, I am personally not that concerned with this possibility. It may be because I am not going Pro DH speeds on the Enduro courses.


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    True enough, though that would mainly apply to landing back-first on flat ground right? I'd think that if hitting trees or rocks with the back, a pack would be a good thing. I suppose one of those packs with a built-in spine protector could make sense here. Anyway, as I said this guy is really fast, and is catching air and hitting speeds I don't. So maybe for him the loss of balance and reflexes is the dangerous part.

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    Strap it to your chest!

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    wear it as a cup!

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    Big Cup...might make a statement
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    Quote Originally Posted by abelfonseca View Post
    Strap it to your chest!
    Then you could use it to carry a gun and/or fire extinguisher!
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    what the f planet am I on where this is being discussed at all ?

    the most dangerous thing on a bike is to be uncomfortable and worried about things

    if you enduro and want a light airy helmet to use on climbs then just do it.

    wrecks are wrecks and in about my last 35 getoffs (going back some years now), I have never needed to tuck and roll anywhere.


    the masters racer does have a point, but assign some risk to that, and some maths, and it's gonna be a lot of us retiring from old age before you hear of one rider harmed by strapping that lightweight bucket to a backpack

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