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    Budget Modded "Pogies".

    Thought I would share this little quick project of mine. Holidays, new baby and such forced me to rethink my plans to get last of gear needed for winter riding. Only have softshell non-insulated gloves. Fingers get cold below 30ish and wrists always cold.

    See pogies on pics of fatties all the time, looked around and $50-100 just wasnt going to happen, but I knew it was the final stage to make my winter riding enjoyable instead of bearable.

    Found ATV handle bar mitts on amazon for $16, And being amazon, easy return if they wouldnt work, so not out anything if I wasnt happy.

    Gave these cheap pogies a try, and worked great down into the teens (coldest I have ridden so far) but with one down fall. Being low cost, they werent supported at all at the bar ends, no internal wires or anything. Want pogies with mounts on the bar ends, theres $75+.

    My solution, I have spare ODI clamps and end caps as i have 2 grip sets and 1 spare set of clamps. SO MAKE MOUNTS.

    JB Weld
    2 ODI outer clamps with caps
    M5 screws with nylock nuts and small fender style washers
    2 Small pieces of nylon straps

    Drill and allens.

    Drilled ODI end caps so screws would fit through.

    Placed washer and nut inside cap, ran screw through and tigthened a tad. Mixed JB Weld. covered outside of nut and surrounding area of cap with mixed JB weld, carefull not to get any on threads or clamp area of caps.

    Let set over night. Created a socket for the nuts so the screws could be removed and installed/tightened with grip set fully installed on bike.

    Final thing, cut nylon straps to 1" squares, took lighter to ends to melt so they dont fray. (cut from the 3ft of extra on my trunk rack that I always have to tie outta the way when on the car). Use allen wrench that I heated with torch to melt hole in center of each piece for screw to fit through. Cut small hole in pogies for screws to go through as well. Sewed nylon squares to pogies and put screws through. Strap pieces act as washers/protection between screw head and pogies so they dont get ripped through.

    Final Result: Pogies that sit exactly where needed and using nylock nuts allows me to tighten down to point where they can still rotate based on my riding position but screws wont fall out from being "loose".

    Total Cost: $22
    Total Time: 1 hr
    WARM FINGERS but able to shift and brake as if mitts werent there, PRICELESS

    I commute with my 29er too when I can till i get a bike just for that purpose, so put some reflective Lightweights 3M iron ons for safety (I work 2nd shift so 11:30pm ride home)

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    Pretty clever. Out of curiosity, why did you use the nylon squares rather than another washer? A washer seems cheaper and better at distributing the pressure from the screw to prevent tearing and avoids the extra work of sewing the nylon patch on.
    Let the good times roll.

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    Because metal washer will still wear a hole in the pogee. The nylon strap is dense and won't wear through anytime soon and won't wear a hole a the pogees either. Just a matter of avoiding possible me future issues

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