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    brand new Castelli pilling

    I wear a road bib and jersey mountain biking. I got a brand new Castelli Free Aero Race 4 Bib and noticed that material was pilling 15 miles into wearing it. I could see it with my naked eye. I was shocked because I've put thousands of miles onto my Castelli Body Paint bib and never noticed any pilling until I took high resolution photos of the two bibs. It looks like it is from where the bottom of the zipper track makes contact with the bib. But I've worn the same jersey with Body Paint bibs for about 3,500 miles in the last 12 months with no issue. I don't think the jersey finally kicked the bucket because I did the same ride yesterday with the same jersey and my old Body Paint bib and there was no pilling.

    So I explained all this to Castelli and included the pictures and their initial response was that it is not covered by warranty and that it's my jersey's fault. I was totally shocked and just about spit out my coffee when I read that. So I quickly wrote back asking if I needed to dispute this with my credit card company, asked to speak with a manager, stated that this is ridiculous, and that I won't be buying Castelli in the future.

    I wanted to put this out there because this was a terrible waste of my time dealing with Castelli and I hope no one else gets pushed around.

    Ultimately I got a refund. But it was more hassle than I care for. I'd be more than happy to try some other company. Interested in recommendations and comments on other customer service experiences. I've been wearing old Body Paint bibs for years because I got a huge discount on a bunch of them. At this point I'm interested in just about anything else that isn't going to be a hassle when it comes to customer service. My body paint bibs were good enough that I've tried running down new old stock but to no avail. I do longish rides. 30 - 100 miles on the mountain bike. I wanted this bib to be my new bikepacking bib. Super bummed. Besides the material pilling, this is the most comfortable bib I've ever worn. (Not that I've got broad experience.) Love the chamois, second skin type material. Was tempted to try another pair to see if something is just wrong with my pair but not willing to have another headache over the brand name 'Castelli'. Maybe if they'd handled their response better the first time around I'd give another bib a shot.

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    Castelli is not what it used to be, quality-wise. I only wear Assos bibs now, road and MTB. Their Golden Gate and Kuku Penthouse tech's are much-appreciated on long rides, not to mention their straps and waistlines, etc.
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    Pretty happy with the Mavic Essential. Very nice for the money. I do a fair amount of road riding, the Mavics & Spesh SL Pro's are the nicest bibs I've owned. With that I've never owned a really high end pair of bibs. Wasn't impressed with Castelli stuff I've owned, seemed middle of the road for the money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BmanInTheD View Post
    I only wear Assos bibs ...Kuku Penthouse tech's are much-appreciated on long rides...
    You should have posted this in the "Bibs with storage" thread.
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    I appreciate the recommendations. I'm now wondering, has anyone else experienced this issue with a brand new bib?

    I asked Assos if this has ever happened to their bibs and they said no. This issue seems somewhat unique.

    It seems like you've got to have a pretty rough and mean zipper to do this to a brand new bib. There's less pilling around some of the high speed crashes that left actual holes in the material on my body paint bib.

    I'm still surprised that Castelli didn't see my pictures and say, "oh wow we need to handle this right away" - I felt totally blown off. There's no way I could sell someone something for $200, see a picture of it going to crap right away, and feel alright about not sending them an RA#. While customer service isn't my job, I do a bit of ebay selling and would never doubt a customer when they do such an extensive write up. Still waiting to hear from that customer service rep's manager/supervisor.

    update: I heard from the CSR's manager and they stated that the rep did everything properly. I'm really surprised by this. I felt that I was extremely clear in stating that the rate in which my brand new bib began pilling was beyond unacceptable. I figured it'd be alarming to Castelli and was disappointed that it was not. The pictures I sent them show pilling that is easily visible to the naked eye on my brand new bib after a 30 mile ride. I sent another shot of my old Body Paint bib that has thousands of miles on it and the pilling is so miniscule that I need to zoom in on a high resolution picture to see it. I said all that and the CSR wrote my concern off, blamed the jersey, and cited my admission that it was happening to another bib as proof that it was my jerseys fault. It felt extremely inconsiderate. Having the manager say that response was acceptable made me feel worse about Castelli. I did 90 miles of mountain biking with the same jersey and same old Body Paint bib since the issue with the brand new bib came up. No surprise, no noticeable pilling on the Body Paint bib. Not to say this experience is representative of Castelli customer service as a whole but this is enough for me to never buy from them again. To further things, they said they'd accept a return and do a refund but have yet to confirm my inquiry as to how to best return it. And have had an entire business day to do so.

    final update to this is that the package got lost by UPS so the warranty department can't really say anything about it beyond my pictures. They went ahead and refunded the bib for me. I'm not sure what's worse, UPS customer service or Castelli's.
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