Body armour vests / shirts-
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    Body armour vests / shirts

    Looking to get a protection vest or shirt as I recently broke my left collarbone and looking to protect it a bit when I get back to riding. Been looking online and two that seem to fit the bill are the TLD BP 5850 short sleeve shift, and the Leatt 3DF body vest.
    Main difference looks like the TLD also has shoulder protection, but the Leatt looks to have better back protection.

    Can anyone comment any more on these? Or recommend any others?

    It's for the Megavalanche.


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    cannot comment on these, but personally bought a leatt for a similar reason/injury and ditched it for a jacket with a zipper; the vests without are really impossible to get out off.
    now use a 661 evo 2016 jacket which is pretty nice. similar to alpinestar evo jacket. both more enduro oriented, meant to wear allday not just going downhill. they offer pretty good protection in light and airy package, still get hot though the protection pads are pretty good insulators. quite amazed about the 661 jacket, above 25 celsius i wear nothing under/over and it just will not start to smell even though i'm a sweatty guy and i only wash it onve every 10 rides or so...
    for megaavalance i assume you will also use elbow protectors etc?

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    I have an Astars Paragon vest and really like it for technical trail rides. It can hold a bladder and has a few pockets. I may pick up an Evolution jacket for a bit more protection
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