• 08-31-2018
    bike shoes (winter/cold wx riding)
    what do people normally do when weather starts getting colder?

    do you put heavier socks on ? put those windproof, and maybe water proof shoe covers that go on exterior of shoe? or buy warmer shoes with less ventilation ?

    I can probaly squeez in a slightly thicker/heavier sock in my shoes...but not sure how warm that will be. I don't think i like those covers....they seem more for road. My current shoes i can tell are not that thick...and vented pretty good. Which mean they will get cold. I don't plan on riding in snow...or freezing weather....but I like to go in mid 40's or so.
  • 08-31-2018
    Squeezing heavier socks in there often makes things colder, as your feet can't circulate and now you've increased heat transfer by conduction.

    Some tricks for chilly temperatures are use plastic bags around your feet, there's a product called "Hot Sockee" that works nice if you have enough space, I use them at times, tape up the vents of your shoes, use cheap flat pedals, etc.

    But for me, a winter boot is necessary when temps drop below about 50, and sometimes above when I'm doing a lot of riding through cold glacial water, especially on a cloudy day. I just did a ride where I climbed about 4K and it was chilly up there, maybe into the 40s, maybe not, but 4K of descending will put the chiller on you, glad I had my Lake 302s, even though it was in the 60s at the bottom.

    There are huge threads in the Fatbike forum about winter boots.

    One important thing about winter clothing is that biting the bullet and getting what you really need is way way way better than going out and trying to make crap work. I went out one time in AZ when it was 5F and colder in the mountains and I lasted about 30 minutes before I swore that off as the dumbest idea ever, with what I thought was winter-gear. Now I go out when it's -10 and colder and do 100 mile races in the Alaskan winter. It's all about the gear and using it correctly.