big foot shoes

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  • 08-24-2013
    me mongo
    big foot shoes
    I wear a 14 U.S. and have a bum ankle. I'm looking for a high top, best Ihave seen is a Lake msx303 but the sizing seems off. Any suggestions?
  • 08-29-2013
    I didn't think Bigfoot wore shoes
  • 08-29-2013
    I wear some DC hightops, size 13 though. Check them out for some possible options.

    Most every time I see a sale on shoes I like, they never go past 12. It sucks.
  • 08-30-2013
    Shimano has a few shoes with a little more ankle support and usually fit larger sized feet. I'm in the same boat...large duct feet with no arch. It's difficult finding shoes that work. Specialized are the sweet spot right now.
  • 09-04-2013
    I have both 510 impact high tops and 510 minnars in 14s. Do you need cleats? The impacts are for flats.. the minnars can run a cleat but they are not high tops..

    So check five ten out. They used to only have the impacts in 14s but some of their others go to 14 now.

    They fiT nearly idendentical to 14 nike basketball shoes.
  • 09-04-2013
    The only SPD options will be winter shoes: siidi, shimano & lake.

    Winter shoes will be warm! If it was me I would buy a $20 ankle brace and wear my current shoes.
  • 09-04-2013
    Re: big foot shoes
    I feel your pain, I'm a size 15 at only 185pounds. Its so tough to find em

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