Bern watts helmet?

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  • 04-15-2014
    Bern watts helmet?
    Was looking at theses and was wondering if anyone had any input on them,regarding weight and comfort and air flow.


    Bern Watts EPS - Bike Helmets Unlimited
  • 04-16-2014
    Airflow - basically none, just like any other piss-pot.
    Comfort - incredible comfort if sized correctly.
    Weight - Eh... it's not made of rocks or carbon fiber.

    I'll be buying another when I feel I've outlived my current Bern. It's comfortable enough, it's visor is awesome, I love the removable sweat band thing and it's been durable as I can ask for. I'm not going to pretend it's something it's not, and I certainly don't like wearing it for any real extended period of time.
  • 04-16-2014
    It is a good multi-season/sport helmet. There is even an insert for winter use. I really liked that mine looks like the old batting helmets of my youth. However, as mentioned above it is all about fit and unfortunately for me my noggin is a little too long so I have space on either side while it's tight front to back, and it doesn't fit if I use the winter insert.
    I agree with Color's synopsis. Warm in that air flow is limited, comfort if it fits your noggin, and it's not a light weight.
  • 04-23-2014
    50 mission cap
    Gotta say that I'm super displeased with my bern helmet… I've got the allston, but I think it's pretty similar. The fit process is ridiculous… their website is of no help in terms of guiding you. According to their measurements I'd take a large, but when I found one at a local shop, I couldn't get the large on my head. I ended up getting a XXXL as it seemed to fit, and it was great for a few weeks, but after really breaking it in for a month and a half, it just got too big. I'd get a giro for half the money and none of the headache. They are very cool looking, and seem like they offer better protection, but I gotta say that getting one has been a huge pain in my ass.
  • 04-23-2014
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    Bern watts helmet?
    I liked it to be honest. There is! Airflow. Now you are better going with Berns new Mtb specific helmet though. Bern Morrison

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  • 05-03-2014
    I like bern look, but heavy and hot, quite comfy in the winter, it fits me good.
    I broke mine when I crashed hard head first, save my head well. The helmet had an inch crack.
    I replaced it with fox flux, lighter and not hot compared to my bern. I would not buy another Bern like that tho, especially I am a bit weight weenie now.
  • 05-04-2014
    I used a Bern Brentwood for 4-5yrs as my only helmet city and MTB. Worked great - summer/winter including some really hot days in the AZ desert.

    Git great, comfortable and had enough ventilation for me I never gave it a second thought on hot days.

    I've still got it as my city/road helmet.

    I like the visor which actually works unlike most of the MTB fashion accessory visors.