• 10-12-2016
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    Bern Morrison - initial impressions
    Just received my Bern Morrison in the mail. I have not worn it riding; I am wearing it around the house to determine if it's a keeper.

    Initial thoughts:
    • It's snug
      • This isn't necessarily bad. My head sizing was on the fence between the XL and XXL, and I went with the smaller size.
      • It will probably take some getting used to.
      • It feels completely different depending on the pitch of the helmet (angle on head)

    • I have a long head, and the Bern feels deep
      • Comparable helmets like the Giro feature or Bell Stoker felt more shallow

    • It's a little heavy (zipmold foam is dense, but thinner than standard foam)

    Photos of fit:
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  • 10-12-2016
    The helmet's going back. After an hour of wearing the helmet around the house, there was noticeable pressure on my forehead, which became uncomfortable. I thought about ordering the XXL, but I don't love the tensioning system. The tensioning system only tightens the back part of the headband - it does not tighten the entire band.