• 02-10-2014
    Petti the Yeti
    AXO 5 to 9 Shoes - $40 closeout on size 12's
    AXO is a motorcycle specific clothing company that makes a lot of casual style protective equipment. I bought a pair of their "5 to 9" shoes about a month ago, and have been using them as daily worn shoes to my classes, commuting on the motorcycle.

    They have a flat, firm, sticky sole built for gripping metal pegs, plastic caps over the ankles for protection, and a lace-free retention system that eliminates the risk of crap getting caught in the chains. Very comfortable for what they are built for, though the retention gizmo loosens up after a couple of hours as the shoe breaks in from walking.

    I don't have any experience with them on a push bike yet, but they seem to be built almost perfectly for those needs as well, if you use platforms. Once I get my bike in, I'll be able to give a good review for MTB use.

    If you have big feet and need a cheap backup shoe, I would suggest grabbing a pair while they still have them at closeout price; They're normally $160.

    AXO 5 to 9 Shoes - Closeout - Motorcycle Superstore
  • 03-19-2014
    Petti the Yeti
    Just to follow up on this; I wouldn't suggest these for full time MTB use after using them a while. They do grip well, and have good protection from rocks and branches, but the material is starting to rip and come apart from constant movement. I've also come to realize that they're also not very well ventilated, and cause massive swamp foot syndrome after a couple of hours of riding.

    If you already pulled the trigger on a pair, I hope your experience differs. If not, sorry.
  • 07-18-2014
    Thanks for the info, I was looking into buying a pair.
    I guess I'll stick with 5-10 for a while longer.