Armor suggestions

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  • 03-18-2007
    I've been having pretty good luck, with my 661 Kyle Strait knee guards. Not to hot, they don't move around when pedaling, and after my very minor fall on some rocks, they offer pretty good protection for your knee caps.

    One caveat though, they don't offer any real shin protection, so if you need that, you might want to try something a bit longer.
  • 03-18-2007
    Armor suggestions
    I've been changing the bandages on my National-induced elbow wound all day and have decided to invest in some elbow/knee/shin guards for future trips.

    As usual for gear purchases, the possibilities are endless and I would appreciate any advice from people who have been down this road before. I am not looking for major league stuff here (no vests, etc. for jumps and such). I just want something for your typical endo or front wheel washout.

  • 03-19-2007
    go for the 661 race lite stuff... pretty good imo
  • 03-19-2007
    You say you aren't looking for major league stuff, but that's the only thing that's really gonna save your skin.
    The new Fox armor looks good.
    Keep in mind that anything you buy is going to be hot and not pleasant to pedal in - that's the cost of safety.