• 06-19-2009
    Anyone tried the Lake series of shoes for flat pedals?

    Maybe image will work, dunno. Seems like a good looking shoe and less dorky than my 5.10s. Anyone know how they fit? Is grip good? I doubt it will be as good as my 5.10s but I used to ride in skate shoes so enh.
  • 06-19-2009
    Well if the pattern on the side that's shown is the same pattern on the bottom I'd think they'd run great and provide good grip. The tread looks kinda shallow, but I can't really tell from the angle of the picture. So maybe the life span of the shoe wouldn't be that high.
  • 06-20-2009
    I rode the Schleys (now Signatures?) for 2 seasons, still have them. They're great shoes, good grip, stiff soles, tough as nails. Chainlove has been selling them for $30, freakin' steal.

    They're a stout build in a lower-profile package than my 5.10s. No ankle protection if you care about that (I don't actually). Sizing runs pretty true, not like the Six Ones I have which are bigger than size would indicate.