• 05-02-2016
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    Anyone mounted / pics of contour roam bullet camera to Kali Maya helmet
    Has anyone successfully done this using the integrated visor mount
    Would love to see pics of your setup
    I have the helmet with the mount kit, but the best thing I could come up with so far is a tripod screw like mount
    Not very sleek, like an angler fish
    I may just opt for the stick on or there a contour webbing mount I can thread thru the holes, but I'd have to get that modified too
    MAYA? - Kali
    I could have sworn I saw their marketing as "works with contour"
    I havent pinged Kali or contour about it yet
  • 05-06-2016
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    bought Contour 2755 Flex Strap Mount for Contour Cameras
    It doesn't use the integrated visor cam mount
    Rubber strap fed thru area on top of your head (I haven't felt it, theres some mesh)
    Still sits higher than I like
    I like the flush mount stick on kind, but helmet doesnt seem to have a a lot of flat surfaces (side or top to mount)
    Still see visor a bit
    Not sure if will wiggle down, but does slope that way (common blunder to have cams pointed too down)
    See picsAttachment 1068520Attachment 1068521Attachment 1068522