• 01-11-2015
    Anyone get any custom/ semi custom jerseys from Voler?
    Whats up guys? Looking to get jerseys made, seeing if anyones ordered them from Voler? If so please share your experience. Or if you know any other companies worthy of checking out. Starting off with small quantity and I already have my own design and logo so wont be needing there art dept. Thanks.
  • 02-04-2015
    I have. Bought 2 jerseys and a set of bib shorts. Great quality in my opinion. I took the highest upgrade on the chamois in the shorts and it's the best $15 I have ever spent.
    Over all I would say go for it.
  • 02-08-2015
    Anyone get any custom/ semi custom jerseys from Voler?
    I have a Turner Bikes jersey made by Voler. It's been great. I contacted them with a custom order for our team and they were super helpful. Our order turned out to be too small for them but their CS was excellent.
  • 02-09-2015
    I have a kit from my college team ~15 years ago or so. They did a really nice job with everything, and the kit has held up well. I don't wear it much anymore because I tend to wear more loose-fit casual mtb gear, but the quality was really good and they were easy to work with when getting the design and ordering process worked out.
  • 09-23-2015
    If you are looking for MTB / DH jerseys, not cycling...
    I think the best choice is Nightfox, i have 3-4 custom jerseys made by them and the quality is really high.
    Also they don't have any minimum order, feel free to order even 1 jersey full or semi-custom! :)
    Take a look here: Nightfox Downhill | Custom MTB / BMX Jerseys
  • 09-23-2015