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    Any data on wicking base layer effectiveness?

    Talking about the wicking base layers like under armor that is supposed to make sweat dry faster and cool you down better.
    Did anyone try to measure the effectiveness of those?

    With all the smart watches today measuring heart rate and body temp, I am sure one of you data geeks did a test to see if it's effective in cooling you down Heart rate is an indicator too, if you do the same ride at the same speed in the same outside temp with lower heart rate, I imagine it works.

    My problem is on the DJ park when you are stationary most of the time there is no good airflow, and I am overheating. I want to wear this under protection pads. I assume when it comes to clothing and body temp, less is better, unless someone has data that those extra layers actually cool you down.
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    Hmmm a laser pyrometer would work well to tell you the temps.

    I don't have any data but I feel better when I have a base layer on under my leather motorcycle suit that I use for downhill skateboarding.

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    Are you wearing a cotton shirt?

    Ive never seen data, but riding in a cotton shirt is just miserable. Its hot, heavy, and feels nasty. Its hotter in summer and colder in winter. Even a 10 dollar wicking shirt from target (they're actually not bad) is 100 times better than riding in cotton!

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    Quote Originally Posted by One Pivot View Post
    Are you wearing a cotton shirt?
    No, I am usually wearing a fox mountain bike shirt. It is very ventilated and airy by itself, but the pads block the ventilation, so I was hoping something can make it wick better.

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    For the longest time I wasn't a believer in the cooling/wicking hype. I was adamant on wearing a t-shirt, any type, as long as it was somewhat clean and didn't stink.

    I finally broke down and bought some clothes that were advertised as having the cooling effect. Let me tell you, a huge difference in the temps that I felt. I still sweat, but the sweat didn't saturate the shorts or shirt. It evaporated much quicker and that's where the cooling effect comes from.

    Now, I wear the shirts on just about every training ride I do. You have to remember that in order for these clothes to work, they need to be skin tight. If they flap in the breeze, they don't collect your sweat to evaporate. And wearing one of these shirts, and then putting a cotton shirt over it kind of defeats the purpose as well.


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    I will add that being skin-tight isn't a requirement. Synthetic wicking materials have better airflow through the fabric, so you are going to feel cooler and dry faster than without.

    Also, wearing cotton over synthetic does not totally negate the fabric's properties. Your skin will stay dyrer and cooler with a synthetic underneath a cotton than with a cotton alone.
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    You might find your answer in this video comparing the wicking effectiveness of merino vs synthetic vs blends

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    If you like the poly pro, the merino wool is even better.

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    Ive been wearing baselayers for mountain biking for a couple of years now.Started with the Endura Merino wool long sleeve baselayer just for winter to keep me warm,but then after reading about the general benefits of a baselyer I bought the merino wool short sleeve version for summer use.
    I now have the On-One Performance Fit baselayers (polypropylene mix) in long and short sleeve as well.

    They both help me feel a little cooler,but make me feel much more comfortable,not as clammy and sweaty

    The merino wool is great for all year round where as the On-One synthetic isnt as warm in winter but feels slightly cooler when its really hot.

    The On-One synthetic fits great,its very light,stretchy and pretty much cant feel youre wearing it.

    Merino wool can go a long time without starting to smell,Ive been out mountain biking for a week without washing it and it still smells ok,thats pretty good going.

    The downside with merino is when you do wash it you need to be careful or it will shrink.The synthetic just goes in a regular wash with everything else.

    Both merino and synthetic work great,but if I had to choose just 1 it would be the On-One synthetic,mainly for the price,got mine for 9.99 (around $16 !). I am a big fan of merino though,all my socks are merino and even have some regular underwear thats merino.

    I do think a baselayer should be skin tight,if its not touching the skin it wont wick.

    I'd recommend a baselayer to anyone doing a physcal sport/activity. I wont ride without baselayer now, summer or winter.

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