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    Answer Kashmir Winter Shoes

    Hi all I thought I would post this rough review from Bike magazine concerning these shoes. I've recently decided to purchase winter riding boots and seen as how I can no longer find the Lake CXZ 300's in my size I've had to look into other alternatives. This is the only review I've found concerning these shoes so far. Hope this helps others.

    Tested: Answer Kashmir shoes

    Giving Frostbite the Finger
    By Dain Zaffke

    WHAT: Answer Kashmir shoes WHERE: HOW MUCH: $150

    At this point in the winter you’ve suffered enough to realize that putting two pairs of socks and plastic bags on your feet only goes so far. You’ve invested in water repellant spray and maybe you’ve even bought a pair of shoe covers. But unless you live in the tropics or opt for the wind trainer every time the weather turns foul, you’ve learned there is simply no replacement for winter riding shoes.

    Unfortunately, the only thing worse than that pins and needles you feel just before your toes go numb is the empty wallet feeling after shelling-out $250 for winter shoes. Answer feels your pain, and they’re here to help with the new $150 Kashmir boots. Considering the Kashmirs will likely be secondary for most and only worn through the winter, they’re still far from cheap. But you get what you pay for when it comes to shoes. So what exactly do you get with the Kashmirs?

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    To keep warmth in and moisture out, Answer starts off with a comfortable internal neoprene lining that runs from the toe box all the way to above the ankle. To add to the water-shedding and overall resilience, everything from the ankle down is covered in durable, water resistant Pittards leather. The soles are among the stiffest for maximum power transfer and the tread is a softer compound than most for extra grip in wet and icy conditions. To keep this much boot in place, three standard Velcro straps and one extra-large Velcro ankle closure are deployed.

    I grabbed the Kashmirs whenever the weather turned cold and wet, and was pleasantly surprised at just how much I could ride through—blasting through the deep-ends of icy creek crossings and kicking slushy mounds of snow didn’t faze ‘em. The Kashmirs weren’t completely waterproof, but aside from actually dunking them into rushing streams, my feet were comfortable, warm and dry. Another plus: when frigid temps and mud-packed cleats left me slipping and sliding, thicker padding around the ankles offered needed protection from rocks, crankarms and chainrings.

    Fit wise, the Kashmirs ran big, really big. The extra room allows for thicker socks, but regular cycling socks left my dogs swimming. And I never did fell the need to double up or slip-on thick socks for warmth, so I ended-up cranking the straps as tight as possible. The high-tops kept them on my feet, but the toe-box was cavernous. My recommendation: go at least a half size smaller than normal.

    I found that the Kashmirs also shined as downhill/freeride boots in any weather. The added support and ankle protection really paid off in fast and out-of-control situations. Extra insulation made them unbearable for XC rides in warm weather, but whenever bruised and bloody ankles were a concern, I gladly chose the Kashmirs and the accompanying foot sweat.

    If you’re tired of numb toes and plastic bags, head on over to and check out the Kashmirs. A buck fifty is quite a lot to shell out for a pair of “off-season” shoes, but considering the cost of frostbite, they’re pure value.

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    If you're still looking for Lakes check out I just got a pair from them for about the same price including shipping.

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    The tester probably doesn't ride in sub-zero climates, a roomy last & toe box is essential to keeping your feet warm when riding/commuting in snow. One of the important factors is circulation, you learn very quickly that the tight shoe you use for performance is not good for warmth, and keeping your foot loose, but snug goes a long way to keeping your feet warm. The other thing is a thick insulted sole between your feet and the cleat (if you run clipless), that will always be your cold spot.

    For last few winters, I've been using the old shimano DH boot one size big, no vents, a good insulated sole, and available on clearance for very little. I recently picked up the Lake, about 3X $, but a very nice shoe. Gaerne also makes a winter boot.

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    I mostly posted this because this was the only info I could find giving a sort of decent review of the shoe. Trying to find exactly how the Kashmir was made was the big issue for me. At least the review points out how the Kashmir and Lake's are worlds appart (it least going by the "specs" i.e. insulation built in.) That's mostly what I have been trying to find for the last day and a half. It seems to me that the Kashmir is little more than a neoprene booty built into the shoe and no vents. The Lake's seem much more "winter" built as they have the neoprene, and insulation, and insulation sole, and roomy fit (on the CXZ300's anyway). Lake has the new 2006 version coming out soon and it will be interesting to see how they've changed the fit of the mtn version and if they kept the road fit the same. The Gaerne also look to be a good shoe and almost as good as the Lakes. Saw the Lake's at Lickbike, Bikeman, and Airbomb ( I think it was Airbomb anyway). The Northwave's seem halfway between the Kashmirs and the Lakes. I wish I had started shopping sooner because aebike has the Lakes for $126, just not in my size, and the Kashmirs at $107. I don't think I want to spend $107 on a pair of shoes that don't seemingly come close to the Lake's quality. In the abbense of any decent opinions or reviews of the Kashmirs I probably going to hold off this season (unless I can get the Gaerne's off of Ebay at a decent price).

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    Quote Originally Posted by jabpn
    I don't think I want to spend $107 on a pair of shoes that don't seemingly come close to the Lake's quality.
    Depends what you're looking for, I guess. The Answers look ideal for where I live (Northern Virginia), which is generally only moderately wet and rarely dips much below the mid-20s in the winter. I always felt the Lakes (and models like them) were overkill for our relatively mild winter climate. Of course, I've always done just fine in that climate wearing my regular shoes with a pair of neoprene socks from Performance over my woolies, so why spend the extra $$$?

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