The annual "which gloves" thread...-
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    The annual "which gloves" thread...

    When it's not warm enough for half-finger gloves I can get by with almost any of my long-fingered MTB gloves. But when it's below, say, 40f, I need something warmer. I've tried the following with mixed results:
    • Pearl Izumi Gavia (now called something else, I believe) -- Not all that warm, but decent if it's windy or damp
    • Pearl Izumi Cyclone -- About the same as the Gavia warmth-wise, but the gel padding was terrible
    • Pearl Izumi Amfib -- Very warm, but too warm if it's over 35f or so

    I'm looking for something that's warm, not too bulky, and that doesn't have any gel padding in the palm. The new PI PRO Softshell Lite looks promising, but I'm a little gun-shy based on my past experiences. The reviews for the 661 Transition are positive, but I'm wondering if it's warm enough for 35-45f temps.

    Suggestions or recommendations are appreciated
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    I have some (very) old Specialized neoprene gloves that still surprise me how well they work in the 40's. I usually ride in full-finger gloves (Fox Pawtectors or old Jett gloves with no padding) and until it gets too cold, I just carry some Polartec glove liners. I also have a pair of Descente Wombat gloves for colder conditions... add the glove liners if it is really cold and I didn't look at the thermometer before I left

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    For temps above 20 degrees, I have some relatively cheap gloves from Costco that work just fine. I have some Outdoor Research Gore Tex gloves for colder weather than that.

    Suggestion: carry latex gloves in your pack. They weigh nothing and are waterproof (although unbreathable) as an emergency glove liner if your fingers get cold or wet. As cheezy as it sounds, I also carry plastic newspaper bags as emergency socks for the same reason. The bags and gloves have bailed me out on more than one occasion on a winter ride.

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    Kristian, that bit about the newspaper bags and latex gloves is genius. I'm going to start doing that.

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    I have both the Cyclone and Amfib that the OP mentioned. I use the Cyclone when it is between 35 and 45F and they are just about perfect (after cutting all of the gel pads out). The Amfib comes out when it gets colder. They are bulky but I haven't really found anything much better for the cold.

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    I've always had the best luck with mechanix gloves for normal full finger gloves. All biking brand gloves fall apart too easily for me. I'll be trying their cold weather ones this season.

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    I just use a cheap pair of fleece gloves and they work well, especially for what they cost.
    When it is really cold or really wet or snowing I switch to some down filled ski gloves as
    they are less bulky than any of the fiber filled ones. The fleece seems to work in light
    drizzle or snow and don't seem to get wet plus you still have good feel on brake and
    shift levers.

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