• 12-28-2009
    Airy SPD shoes for summer-like climate rides?
    Is there any spd shoes with lots and lots of mesh?

    As airy and breath-able as possible, to be worn in summer-like climates.

    Will be wearing it for XC riding with the occasional race and rain/mud, preferably not too heavy on the wallet too!
  • 12-28-2009
    i use the pearl izumi quest shoes in the summer they have mesh all around the front of the toe and sides work awesome in summer / gym. you can pick up a pair for around 40-50 dollars.

  • 12-28-2009
    Any other brands or models that i should be looking at? ATM adidas looks good
  • 12-29-2009
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    no mesh but cool
  • 12-29-2009
    Considered sandals, but would like something with more protection for the toes.

    I saw the Adidas Razor and kinda like it: airy, perfect for summer and all..


    My understanding is adidas no longer carry their own line of mtb shoes, but manufactures them for mavic instead, and mavic shoes doesnt come cheap from where i come from.

    Am i wrong on this?

    Are they any other shoe manufacturers or models similar to the adidas razor above to recommend?
  • 12-29-2009
    Prophet Julio
    The Shimano sandals are great! I've been riding them for three years and have never hurt my toes. They have a big protrusion for protection. I've done three 25 mile races in them (seriously). When Fall comes I wear wool socks with them, and when it gets colder I put the booties over them with the wool socks. I hate shoes.
  • 12-29-2009
    nashbar makes a sandal with covered toes.
    I rode these all summer /fall (1500+ miles of dirt riding)
    no problems ($39 on sale)
  • 12-29-2009
    Just gave me lbs a call, no more stock for adidas.

    Any more summer spd shoes?
  • 12-30-2009
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    Originally Posted by chek
    Considered sandals, but would like something with more protection for the toes....

    I'm going to use the Keens in Jamacia this year, good toe protection:
  • 12-31-2009
    Pearl Izumi X-Alp:


    I got them for Christmas, haven't used them yet, but they look nice and cool.
  • 01-02-2010
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    Shimano SH-FN51 Indoor Cycling Shoe

    These are nice, even though they aren't specifically ATB shoes. I liked them so much I got two pairs. Definitely airy & very nifty closure system. Comfy as well. Only catch is they're only available in smaller sizes now. At least from Performance, where I bought mine originally at a discount.