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    Aerotech Design Jackets

    Anyone have experience with either of these two jackets?

    Tall Man Thermal Softshell Jacket - Windproof and Breathable

    Tall Man Windproof and Waterproof Cycling Jacket

    Looking for a softshell windproof/waterproof for the upcoming winter here in Denver.

    Reviews for the softshell seem positive and the jackets are affordable. Gore Bike gear is way too far outside my budget.


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    Expecting a lot of rain are you?

    I live in Alaska and almost never use a "hard" shell (anything that is waterproof) in the winter, because you expel so much heat when riding, like XC skiing. Most of our riding is in the 20s, but obviously lots cooler than that too. Precip isn't a problem though because your outermost fabric is below freezing, so any snow just sheds off.

    I'd pick a good softshell every day and sunday, way better breath-ability.

    For rain (like tomorrow), a rain-proof jacket only does so much good, you are going to end up miserable, because if it's hard, you are going to get soaked no matter what, if it's warm, you are going to have to unzip it as you build up heat, if it's cold, you are probably still going to get too warm and you're going to get soaked unzipping it a bit. The only good thing about these is that when it stops raining they usually dry out fairly quick. I use a variety of packable jackets in the summer, some of them waterproof, but when I transition to winter, generally soft-shells, with wind-proof front panels.

    Some of the features we find important are pit-zips, hoods, a few pockets, front wind-proof paneling, etc.

    For warmer temps, like 30 degrees and above, you can exceed the capability of any jacket for breath-ability and have to often go with your base layer on climbs, then put the jacket back on for descents. Tooling around really slow or just downhill, you can use the jacket all the time, but it gets pretty variable in these warmer temps. Going down forever at 45 degrees can get pretty chilly, yet going uphill with any significant exertion is t-shirt weather. For that kind of stuff I recommend a very lightweight jacket, that can be hard-shell, because you are using it primarily when you don't need a lot of breath-ability and these usually lack any insulation, so they are light enough that they aren't so easily overcome, but provide "just enough" to give you a layer of warmer air when the temps get chilly. These are usually some of the most packable jackets too.
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