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    8" Combat Boots for Trail Riding?

    The trails I have been riding are extremely technical with lots of roots, loose gravel/sand/dirt, tight corners, elevation changes and transitions to and from different types of contact surfaces. And these are just the novice and beginner trails..lol

    Yesterday while riding, I found myself getting hit in the lower shins by all kinds of stuff and by the end of the ride, my shins were itching and full of tiny scratches. I was thinking, instead of getting shin guards, maybe I would wear my 8" combat boots with knee high dry sacks. I figure they will give me three layers of support. First they are water proof so my feet will stay dry. Second they will provide me with excellent ankle support when I need to jump off the saddle in an area where the ground is not even. Lastly, they are high enough to protect my shins from getting beat up.

    The boots are 5.11 brand and feel like a sneaker inside. They are also very light.

    Has anyone tried this?

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    If you're gonna do that I'd recommend some full leather paratrooper jump boots. They're pretty tall, about top of calf-high and the leather will give you protection like you can't believe.

    Just make sure you spit shin polish the toes and heels before and after every ride.

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    lol. doubt those 5.11 will get much love from peeps around here. its all about the 5.10 shoes here. stealth rubber. or whatever the excellent stick on the bottom is.

    guessing those 5.11s are vibram soles. might want to make sure ur pins on pedals are long enough to deal with the extra deep tread.

    before 5.10s i wore shin guards all the time. feet slip and just stick and roost being kicked up. but now i just wear lil bit taller socks to keep crud out of shoes and cover my ankles. i just let my shins get lil scratches and whatnot on em, since i dont slip pedals much at all anymore.

    is waterproof really important? wool socks. problem solved, basically.
    ankle support? i get it, but at least for me i dont seem to roll my ankles much(my whole leg generally collapses and i eat it when that starts to happen) and also there are a few different ankle braces sold that also have some paddin on ankle to protect from crankarms and such
    full 8in boot would give good lower shin coverage. but at least where i ride i usually have saw/knife on me to keep trails clear of excess debris so that i dont have that problem in the first place. and i would think that would get mighty hot.

    i know of some non-"biker" friends that when they ride do same thing. and it works just fine for them for what they got. its just that after a few seasons of riding and accumulating gear, cycle spec. stuff just works better in general for its purpose.

    if your not planning on investing too much into biking i see no problem with ur plan. but if its the other way around. 5.10s and some of those newfangled thin pedals will be like night and day in how much control you have.
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    Water proof will likely end up as sweat filled ime.
    The deep tread on the soles can be problematic, and if you really want to chew up your 150$ boots on flats thats up to you.
    Most places are having clearance sales on this years gear right now.

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    I'm going to check out the 5.10 line...thanks, any suggestions on flat pedals?

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    I ride my bike to work with my Nike SF boots, and they are hands down better than my Vans skateboarding shoes on the pedals.

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