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    661/Bravo Sports Division WORST Customer Service Experience Ever!

    WORST Customer Service Experience Ever!
    Scroll to the bottom for the TLDR.

    Why I will never touch a 661 product, and neither will anyone else I know for as long as I live.

    I bought some mountain biking gear back in June directly from the 661 website and received it on 6/5/17. This is my first time buying 661 products. I ordered the Evo short sleeve vest and compression shorts to the tune of $202.38. Product ended up being defective by the buttons (pad lock they call it) not connecting. I was not the only one who had reported this issue according to my customer service rep who we will call Jane. 661 has been extremely slow, unresponsive, and all together difficult to get in touch with via phone and email at this point. Seemingly never available to speak on the phone and email’s delayed with days, sometimes a week or more in-between. After 2 months of calling and emailing, I finally get a return authorization to send the vest and shorts back.

    Policy stated from one of the emails:

    “4. Once your package is received in the warehouse please allow 7-10 business days for the refund to appear on your card. “

    I sent the gear back on 8/2/17 and the warehouse has received it the next day. I email Jane on 8/23/17 to find out where my refund is as it has been 14 business days at this point. Jane replied that she sent an email to the accounting department and would follow up with the status.

    Fast forward 2 ½ weeks later to 9/8/17, and still there is radio silence. So, I email Jane on 9/8/17 and she says,

    “I spoke with our accounting manager and we are in need of your credit card information to finalize the return. We did a software update and we cannot pull the original transaction to issue the credit to causing the delay. Please fill out the attached credit card form and email back to me so I can have this processed for you ASAP.
    We apologize for the inconvenience.”

    I think to myself, “Sure no problem, things like this do occur.” I fill out the credit card form and send it back the same day to Jane.

    With hope for my refund finally in sight, my patience and tolerance for this company has been depleted at this point. On 9/16/17, I FINALLY receive a refund. Guess what? I only receive a partial refund to the tune of $140.79, which would be the cost of the vest and did not include the shorts. So, I email Jane the following Monday on 9/18/17 wondering why I’ve only received a partial refund. Jane replies,

    “I just sent an email to our returns department in the warehouse as they only show the jacket/vest received not the shorts so they were not checked in with this return.
    Let me see what I can do.”

    I hear back from Jane the next Monday on 9/25/17. Jane says,

    “I just heard back from my warehouse on Friday that they did have the shorts and I was able to get all the paperwork over to our accounting team who will be issuing the refund for those today for you.”

    It is now 10/6/17, the rest of my refund seems to elude me. I email Jane on this day and she replies the same day (surprise surprise…)

    “I spoke to my accounting manager this morning and she admitted she thought it was processed but it was the first refund that she had done that threw her off since it was the same order, name, card, etc…
    She will process with Monday morning’s refund batch and I will forward you the transaction receipt for the credit from the shorts.”

    Today is 10/23/17, the remaining balance of my refund that 661 owes me, $61.59. Now this isn’t an amount of real significance, but it becomes significant after such an arduous process. Since my last contact with Jane on 10/6/17, I’ve emailed her 3 times, have tried calling multiple times (goes straight to voicemail), all to no avail. At this point, some would consider tying up money that doesn’t belong to you as theft.

    I sent an email today, on 10/23/17 to Jane, informing her that my bank had issued me a new credit card, and that the original one is no longer active as of 10/20/17. The original card used for this purchase might not be able to accept the refund as of now.

    TLDR: I Purchased defective product(s) from 661 at the beginning of June. Sent products back after finally receiving an RMA 2 months later. Warehouse receives my return and I only receive a partial refund for one item, the vest (to the tune of $140.79 out of $202.38…). Warehouse returns department claims I didn’t send the shorts back. 1 week later, the shorts appear, and they have them. 4 weeks later, I still have no refund for the shorts.

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    I also bought some stuff directly from 661 in the May/June 2017 timeframe. I was looking for a cheap DH helmet and bought one based on their measurements along with some elbow pads and knee pads. The helmet was too tight on my forehead and gave me a headache after 5 minutes of wearing it, so I tried to return it. I was able to get someone on the phone once after trying a dozen times or so. No email response at all. I even tried talking to the sister company that is on the same 1800 number and I was told that only 1 person is the customer service department for 661 and to keep trying. I never sent the product back because I could not get a RMA. I ended up calling my credit card company and disputing the transaction. I am assuming they also had the same luck getting a response because I was refunded the money. Anyone want to but a full face helmet?

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    I have heard and read of a few other people who share the same thoughts and roughly the same experience. Phone contact was nearly impossible for the whole summer. I think I may have better luck winning the lottery at this point.

    Glad to see your credit card company took care of it. Looks like that will be my next step at this point.

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    Update: I received the remainder of my refund a day or two after I had posted my experience in a few places. The right eyes saw, or just a coincidence.

    Case closed!

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    This is the type of situation where a credit card chargeback makes sense.

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